What are Girlfriends For?

***This was the update I was about to finish and post last Tuesday before all the baby drama started! Thought I would share it with you now!

They showed me this weekend. I had four of my closest friends fly here all the way from home just for a short weekend visit! What a surprise! After last weekend and now this weekend, I have the best family & friends!

(Left to Right: Tiffany, Casey, me, Laura and Ashley)

They were able to shop, see the town, eat out, but mostly they just visited me in my room. On Saturday, they surprised me with lunch and cupcakes from Sprinkles (ooohhh...sooo good!)and gifts! We even played that "guess the size of my belly" shower game. I loved every minute of it!

Thanks alot Ashley! You lose!

Momma even enjoyed the girls' company!

On Sunday before they headed to the airport, they stopped in to say goodbye. They were able to be there for my daily ultrasound and pet therapy.

Girls with Nietzsche!

Dr. Strong doing daily ultrasound

To Laura, Ashley, Casey & Tiffany - thank you for an awesome weekend. There's just something about laughs that you share with your girlfriends that are different than laughing with anyone else! To my other friends that wanted to come but just couldn't make it work - you were definitely here in spirit...I felt the love!



Cochran Quads said...

So sweet!! I had either forgotten or completely blocked the memories of TED hose out of my mind until I saw the pics!! Glad you have such awesome friends!!

Cassidy said...

ohh another LSU fan !!
The Urech sisters will be in love for your boys