So Little Time!

We made it to thirteen weeks...17 more to go! I can't believe we are already almost halfway to our goal of 30 weeks. I had an appointment today with my OB. I think I am already spoiled by the number of ultrasounds we get to have. I have to admit I was a little disappointed when we didn't have an ultrasound done today...I just love seeing my little ones! The appointment was fine. We did hear the heartbeats with the doppler, but mostly it was just Q&A with the doctor. I won't have another appointment next week, but I will have two on November 3rd...one with MFM and another with my OB.

Nick, my dad and my brothers went to the LSU game in South Carolina this weekend, and then they ended up going to the Saints game since they also played in South Carolina. It was a weekend full of guy talk, guy smells, and football...he would say..."that's a good weekend!" I joked with him about how those days are numbered...no more spur of the moment trips to sporting events...at least for a little while, anyway!

While he was away, I did a little nesting. It was kind of nice cleaning out the babies' room. This room has served as our catch-all room for the last few years so you can imagine the junk that was in there. I can remember over the years just opening that door and just dreaming of the day when the room would be filled with all things baby...the furniture, the toys, those sounds, that smell! Sometimes I just sit and smile, knowing my dream (x4) is finally happening.

Thank you for all your comments. Your support, encouragement and prayers mean everything to us. Our prayer has and will always be for a healthy pregnancy and 4 healthy babies and that God will be glorified through it all. Please pray with us that we make it to our goal of 30 weeks!



Another day, another visit

Other than my growing belly, this last week has been uneventful for which we are grateful. We had our third visit with Maternal-Fetal Medicine today. Doctor visits have become something I actually look forward to. It is so much fun to see our babies and how much they have grown from week to week. Once again, the babies all measure on track...right around 12 weeks. The heartbeats were still very good and about the same as last week....Nick was there to hear them! Here are some pics from today's visit.

Baby A (singleton)

Baby B,C,&D (triplets)

After we finished the ultrasound, we met with the doctor. This was the first time we met with this doctor. He went over with us again all the risks involved with the pregnancy. I have to say...if we let it...this news could be very discouraging and frightening. Good news is that we have the Lord on our side. If we stay focused on Him and take one day at a time, we will be fine. One of the reasons, I decided to do this blog is to keep our prayer requests specific. Although we are always praying for a healthy pregnancy and babies, I'm sure there will be different issues and concerns that will arise with each visit. Again, we thank you for praying for us...we could not get through this without prayer. We also know that we are not the only ones struggling or with needs and would be blessed if you let us pray for you as well. Just shoot us an email and we will commit to praying for you. Here are our requests after this visit:

  • All babies stay on the same growth curve and that there will be no fluid abnormalities
  • Babies will develop healthy
  • Bedrest - probably in 6-8 weeks...lots to do before then!

Our next appointment is Monday 10/20. We will keep you posted!


The most beautiful sound...

The last few weeks have been like an emotional roller coaster for us. At my first appointment with maternal-fetal, we received some not so good news about two of the triplets. I can honestly say the next two weeks were the most difficult weeks of my life. I would like to thank everyone who prayed for us and the babies...from the bottom of our hearts. The Lord heard and answered in a BIG way! At our next appointment, we learned that the doctor was mistaken and although the pregnancy is still considered extremely high-risk, the condition of the babies was not near as bad. So once again we were reminded of the power of prayer and delighted by His everlasting grace!

I had my first appointment with my regular OB today. When I made the appointment last week, I was sure to ask what to expect at this appointment. The nurse just said it would be paperwork, bloodwork, and meeting with the doctor to discuss a gameplan...no ultrasound. Well, Nick is really short-handed this week at work and decided he could miss this appointment. Needless to say, they did do another ultrasound and we (me & my mom) got to hear the heartbeats for the first time. Nick was sick! Had he known, he never would have missed it.

Each time I see the babies, it becomes a little more real. But hearing that sound...those steady little beats, I felt a connection that I haven't felt yet. It is absolutely the most beautiful sound!
I don't have the pictures scanned yet, but as soon as I do I will post them. In the meantime, here are the results.
Baby A (singleton) - measured 11 wks 3 dys, 178bpm
Baby B - measured 11 wks 1dy, 167bpm
Baby C - measured 11 wks 1dy, 171bpm
Baby D - measured 11 wks 4dys, 167bpm

As of today, I am 11 weeks and 1 day and as you can see, the babies are right on track. Also, the nurse said that the heartbeats should fall between 120-180 and they do! We are so thrilled. Thank you Lord!