The Today Show

Quick update: The Today Show has bumped us from tomorrow until one day next week. They warned us that this could happen. Apparently, they have an interview with someone really important that will take our segment...probably someone like Jared from Subway...we just can't compete with that! We do not know which day it will be next week but will keep you posted.



waiting said...

It's probably going to be Beyonce talking about why Etta James is dogging her out for singing at the inagural ball for Barack Obama. Etta's all mad that they picked Beyonce over her:) You know...really important stuff.

Anonymous said...

It's the octuplets mother ... I just read that she granted the Today Show (to be repeated on Dateline) the first interview with her.

I really won't get started on that situation because it makes me quite upset.

Looking forward to your piece on the Today Show !!!

Take Care,

Nicole said...

We can't wait to watch. Ya'll continue to be in our thoughts and prayers!

Anonymous said...

Kami and Nick, I read your blog every day. Keep it up as long as you can! You are constantly in my thoughts and prayers. I love you,

Anonymous said...

By the way..."Mom" is Aunt Kerry. I am not very blog savvy. I signed on here through Kellye...haha!