Update and Pics

Today Show update: According to the producer, we'll be on a live shot @ 6:17am AZ time. So I assume that means 7:17am CST.

Here is another NICU update. All babies are off photo therapy and breathing on their own with a little supplemental oxygen through nasal prongs. All babies are either on full feeds or will be today which means that they may be getting their IVs out very soon. We have been so enjoying getting to hold and love on each one.

Sloan - 3lbs 1oz
Rocco - 3lbs
Madden - 2lbs 15oz
Jagger - 2lbs 14oz

We did learn that Rocco has a moderate PDA, which is common in premature infants. A PDA may close on its own or it may have to be treated with a medicine called Indomethacin or it could also be treated by surgery. Of course, closing on its own would be the best because there are potential negative side effects of the medicine. Last night, Rocco showed some symptoms of an infection so he had labs drawn and tests run to find out if he has one. So far, the results look as though he does NOT have an infection and that the symptoms (cold, heavy breathing, intolerable feeding) may just be symptoms of the PDA. Since these symptoms are showing up now, the docs have decided to go ahead with the medicine instead of waiting to see if it will close on its own. Please pray for Rocco and his little heart. Please pray that the medicine will do what it is supposed to and his PDA will close and he will not experience any negative side effects. They will perform an echo tomorrow night and we should know if the medicine helped or not.

Sorry we have not been very good at posting pics. I hope you enjoy these.

P.S. We are supposed to be on the Today Show tomorrow morning. I will be talking to the producer again today to get all the details and I will post later tonight and pass along the information.



Kylie said...

Thank you for sharing your life and your sweet babies lives with us- I'm so excited to watch you on the Today show! You have done so well, to carry these babies well, for them each to be doing so well. It is so exciting and such a tremendous testimony of our God who still works miracles! I'll continue praying for growth and health and little Rocco's heart to heal fully!

Liz said...

What a testimony to God's faithfulness! I loved singing along with the song and seeing How Great Our God is and his developing your little ones in your womb and now in your arms! Will be praying for your testimony on the Today Show and that people will see God's hand!

big pop said...

Thank You God for loving us unconditionally. You are a GREAT GOD!!!!!

Cochran Quads said...

They are beautiful!! Great job Mommy!! Our God is an AWESOME GOD!!

Ian and Katie B said...

Those are gorgeous babies!! I am so excited to see their tiny faces and to pray for each of them. Thanks again for sharing:)

Tracy said...

praying! And so glad that considering you ALL are doing so well! God is doing a marvelous work!

waiting said...

This slideshow is so awesome. God is definitely in the miracle business. They are all so precious! I just hung up with Kemper and told her that I can't wait to see them all in person. Can't wait to hold them. Praying for you all without ceasing.

Janee said...

Kami and family,
I live in Baton Rouge, and saw your story on the news. There was a link to this blog on one of the local news websites, and I have been checking frequently to see how God is working in each of the babies' lives. All praise to Him for being so magnificently in control. Prayers continuously coming your way from a "stranger" (and sister in Christ) in Baton Rouge.

Janee Allen

The Gerwer Babies said...

Kami, Cameron had a LARGE PDA and did indo. treatments TWICE and it worked. No negative side effects and it really helped her with breathing and such after it closed. Rocco will do great!!!! Praying for ya!! Hoping to TIVO the today show tomorrow :)

Rebecca Armendariz said...

Hey Kami and Nick, Today show actually aired around 8:20 Arizona time. :) Here's the link to story online and the video of the live shot: http://today.msnbc.msn.com/id/29384617/?GT1=43001.

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Loryn said...

I found your blog after watching a clip of your story on the BR news. You both are such an inspiration. Your faith is so strong and I know all the prayers worked! That montage was perfect with How Great is Our God. What a perfect example of how great He is! I am going to share your story with my fellowship group at church in Zachary and continue the prayers!!!

Jac Tubre said...

Awesome TV spot...you should have your own show!

Love you,

RADstitches said...

Your little family is beautiful! WOW.. that is just so amazing to me. God Bless you all!