NICU Update

Wow! I can't believe its been 4 days already (almost five)! This experience has been the most emotional, incredible, amazing...I could go on forever! We are so truly grateful for all the support, prayers, comments and love we have been receiving over the last few days. Please don't hold it against us if we haven't responded to your texts or emails yet but know that they are very much appreciated and needed!

We promise to bring you the story leading up to delivery but we wanted to get updates out on our kids first. ALL four of them are breathing on their own!!

Sloan is only feeding through her IV at this point. She is stable but does have CPAP (continuous poisitive airway presssure) to supply some extra oxygen which they are trying to slowly wean her off of. She's also doing photo therapy for her billirubin count. Her current weight today is 2 lbs 10 ozs, just 2 ozs under her birth weight. Kami got to do kangaroo care with her for an hour this morning and I got to change her diaper. I was also able to be part of her first bath on Saturday.

Rocco is eating through a feeding tube with the breast milk that Kami is supplying. He is stable but is also on CPAP and doing photo therapy. Sunday he got a PICC line so they wouldn't have to poke my little man anymore. The nurse said he may be able to get off the photo therapy today or tomorrow. His current weight is 2 lbs 6 ozs which is down a little from his birth weight. I got to change his diaper yesterday.

Madden is also eating through his feeding tube. As of today, he is only breathing room air, no CPAP. The nurses are planning to give him a little caffeine for any apnea spells he may have which is common for preemies. He's also on photo therapy. His current weight is 2 lbs 7 ozs which was his birth weight. Kami was able to do an hour of kangaroo care with him last night. I got to change his diaper on Saturday.

Jagger is also eating through his feeding tube. He is breathing on his own but with supplemental oxygen via nasal prongs. He's on photo therapy but should be off in the next day or so. He was on antiboitics for 48 hours as a preventative measure (but is no longer on them). Yesterday he changed rooms so that he's next door to his big brother Rocco. His current weight is 2lbs 6ozs which is up 1 oz from his birth weight.

As I mentioned, Rocco and Jagger and the only siblings that are next to each other in the NICU right now. The staff has assured us that everyone will be close together soon. Since this is all new to Kami and I, it is a little overwhelming to get updates on each baby as we go from room-to-room. The staff at Phoenix Children's is awesome and has no problem answering our questions no matter how many times we ask them.

Kami's blood pressure is still high and they're giving her medicine to try to lower it. Even so, we're expecting her to be discharged tomorrow and continue the medicine for a few weeks. She is getting around better but is not getting to goto the NICU as much as she'd like.

Here are some of our specific prayer needs:
- Kami's blood pressure
- babies will stay free of infection
- babies will continue to gain weight
- babies will continue to develop as they should
- our ability to process all the information

We've heard about the media attention we've been getting in Arizona and at home in Baton Rouge. We hope the story of our little miracles is blessing everyone as much as they are a blessing to us!

Nick and Kami


Jac Tubre said...

Great update! The babies are doing so well...no vents and some off CPAP already...way to geaux little Lambes!

Sorry our cell phone connection was bad tonight. I'll try to call you on my lunch break tomorrow.


Moni Graf said...

Thanks for the update Nick and Kami! Sounds like they're all off to a great start. Don't be afraid to let the staff at PCH know if you need something or are unhappy about something. They're very good about catering to parents (as well as taking excellent care of those babies!)
Praying for all those specific requests....especially for Kami's healing.


Cochran Quads said...

Great Job Mommy Lambe and Baby Lambes!! Please know we are all praying like crazy for your needs!! Keep us posted!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Nick and Kami!
I had no idea y'all were even pregnant 'til I saw your babies' Facebook group! FOUR little Lambes! Gee whiz, God is amazing!! I'll be prayin' for y'all as you continue to make it through your first week as a beautiful family of 6. Please keep updating as you learn more, I'm so excited for you!!! Stay healthy & keep growing, little Lambes!

Aimee Gwaltney

Gemini Greetings said...

Congratulations! I am the past President of the Greater Baton Rouge Mothers of Twins Club. The group is not limited to moms of twins, we have moms of triplets and I know a handful of moms of quads in Baton Rouge, as well.

I started a company specializing in greeting cards for multiples and would love to offer my products to you for assistance with announcements, thank you notes, etc. Just let me know which product would be most useful to you.

You are very blessed & I will keep your family in my prayers.

Angelice Tyson
Mom of twins plus one

The Carlsons said...

so happy to hear they are doing great! go babies go!! praying for them and for mama, that kami's b/p will stabilize and she can be able to see the kids more.

PCH is awesome! they have wonderful and brilliant docs and nurses there! such a blessing that you can be here to be delivered by PPA/Good Sam and cared for by PCH!
-fellow quad mom of GGGG and a 4.75yo boy

Amy said...

just saw ya'll on the news and wanted to say congrats! we're keeping everybody in our prayers

Nicole said...

You continue to be in our prayers. I was wondering if there is an address in Arizona where you are receiving mail?
Nicole and David Parnell

Ashley Beth said...

Congratulations! I just saw your story on the news (which is odd b/c I never watch the news at noon!). I have many friends in my Bible Study that go to Istrouma! I am a photographer, and I specialize in babies, children, families, etc...I would love to do a complimentary photo session and prints for you when you return! You can email me at ashleybethphoto@yahoo.com (www.ashleybeth.com) if you are interested! Congrats again!!!

Andria said...

Sounds fantastic! I hope Kami can get the rest she needs and everyone stays healthy!

Richain said...

Thank you for the update! Enjoli and I have been passing on the info to the parents. We are all praying for you guys! Take care of those babies and try to get some rest yourself (even though it may be almost impossible with all the excitement).


Suzanne said...

awww! what a great update!!! we are keeping your little lambes in our prayers!!!

CLIFF & KRIS said...

Oh congratulations! So glad that everyone is doing so well.

TexasLex said...

I am hoping to check in on the little ones today since I will be here until tomorrow. Hopefully they will be closer in the NICU soon....it's so hard to find them all.
Hope you both are doing well! :)