"D" Day - What Really Happened?

It's kind of a blur, but I will do my best. I believe Nick was keeping you up to speed the day or say leading up to "D" day...but just for a recap...on Tuesday(10th) during routine ultrasound, Dr. Hill found that baby D (Jagger) had a heart deceleration. This led to constant monitoring of him for the next 48 hours. Dr. E took me to the OR just in case on Tuesday afternoon only to send me back to my room 3 hours later. I was put on a very high dosage of mag on Tuesday and monitored for my contractions (along with baby D). Mom and Nick spent the night with me Tuesday night.

On Wednesday, we found out about baby D's reverse blood flow. As the day went on and the mag was heavy in my system, the contractions I was having which were causing his decels, started slowing down. Things started looking better Wednesday afternoon. Nick went back to the condo to shower. At 8:45 pm, mom called Nick and told him he better make his way back to the hospital because my contractions were picking up. Around 10pm, we had lots of activity in our room. Dr. Elliott was on his way to the hospital. Nurses started prepping me for surgery and the anesthesiologist came in and spoke to me. I told Nick that "this is it!" I didn't think Dr. Elliott was driving in for nothing and I definitely didn't think he would send me back to my room from the OR a second time.

During all this, my momma was a nervous wreck. She knew that they would only allow one person back in the OR with me and that she would have to wait by herself for any news. We wanted her to be back there with us...especially after all she has sacrificed and been there for, but rules are rules and we didn't know how to get around them. God had another plan. The nurse manager, Lee, came over and told mom that she was a rule breaker and that she could scrub in for the surgery! What a blessing...momma said she will be forever grateful to Lee...as will I! Another special person was my nurse for that shift, Joy. This was the first time I had her, but God definitely put her there that night for a reason. Joy was awesome! She came in and prayed with me, momma, and Nick before we were taken to the OR! Thanks Joy!

This is Joy. I debated on whether posting these pics...for obvious reasons, but I just wanted you to see what "magged out" really is! Yuck!

"Mag Smag!" LOL

When Dr. Elliott got to the hospital, he reviewed my monitoring strip. He came in and stood by my bedside and told us that it was not time yet. After all that! But we were glad of course, the longer the babies could stay in the better...so we thought! He told the nurse to increase my mag for the contractions, and give me morphine and ambien so I could get a good night's sleep. So they did and we turned the lights off and the three of us were off to bed for the night! About an hour and a half later (12am), everyone burst into the room and said this was it! The contractions hadn't slowed down and baby D had to come. Dr. Elliott had stayed at the hospital so he was still there. Dr. Hill was on call that night so she was available as well. As you can imagine with the medicine I was on, I was pretty out of it. However, it had been a prayer of ours that the surgery wouldn't be an emergency section where I would be knocked out with general anesthesia so that I could be awake for their arrival. Another answered prayer!

Dr. Elliott watching my contractions and baby D.

Well, I was rolled to the OR and you know the rest of the story! Our beautiful babies were welcomed into the world at 12:52, 53, 54 and 55 am. I think they were as "magged out" as their mother, but they did well and are doing even better today! Dr. Elliott said just another 20 minutes in utero and Jagger may have sustained serious injuries. So even though I had more fighting weeks in me, my little man didn't and he had to come! I will be forever grateful to Dr. Hill for detecting the decel on Tuesday morning and being cautious enough to bring it to Dr. Elliott's attention...she has been so awesome and will always hold a special place in our hearts. I will also be forever grateful to Dr. Elliott for making the decision to move when he did and saving our little man's life...he too will hold a special place in our hearts. We prayed for our doctors all along and the decisions they would be making....so this is no coincidence to me! Every aspect of this journey to me was nothing short of miraculous! My God is so good!

There are so many people that were part of the delivery. I wish I knew everyone who had a part so I can personally thank them. From the bottom of our hearts, thanks for being there and giving us the best care. We are so blessed and will never forget that night!

Here is the edited video footage of the delivery.



Tracy said...

Wow! I balled...God is so AWESOME! Congrats....I hope y'all are all doing well! Thanks for sharing!

waiting said...

That is so awesome. You will cherish it forever!!! The babies are so sweet!

Standing in the Rain said...

as an aspiring nicu nurse, that was pretty cool to watch!

good job momma for keeping them in so long and remaining so positive! can't wait to hear more stories as these little blessings grow!

The Carney's said...

Aw, thanks for sharing the beautiful video! You are so blessed. Keeping all of you in our thoughts and prayers!

Victor & Savvy, BGB triplets, BR, LA

The Carlsons said...

awesome! isn't it just awesome?! praying all the babies are doing well in the NICU and will have an uneventful and short stay there, just being feeders and growers.

it's also just crazy how fast they pull them out. and how they sort of throw them around like a little sack of potatoes :D those NICU nurses are the best too!!

thanks for sharing and we keep praying for you all!
-fellow quad mom of GGGG and a 4.75yo boy

The Carlsons said...

oh and so sorry about the mag for you :( blech! aren't you thrilled those days are over??

Nicole said...

What a great memory, and to have the video of the birth is awesome.

Emily said...

Yes, I agree.. WOW! That video was AMAZING. I've certainly never seen the birth of 4 babies at once before. I've read several descriptions on quad blogs, but to see it in action, was incredible. So many busy hands all working together for the safety and health of your miracles!

Lauren Anderson said...

Kami! I am so excited for ya'll. Thanks so much for posting the video; it was amazing. I have been following your blog for a while now and praying for ya'll. Congratulations x 4! love you

Ms. Beverly said...

Kami, you and Nick are so blessed to have 4 little miracles that are doing so well. I look forward to meeting your little miracles. Thank you for sharing the video and pictures. I wish I had pictures of my children's births. God bless all of you 6. We look forward to the up dates.
Beverly Jordan B.R. LA.

The Gerwer Babies said...

OMG is that Sloane that has her arms crossed and laying so calmly right after they came out? SOOOO CUTE!! You did so great mama! And Nick too :)

Cochran Quads said...

Awesome video!! It brought be back to my delivery day! I think I cried more watching yours though, just knowing 1st hand how blessed your future is going to be!! CONGRATS!!!!!!

Mommato2miracles said...

God bless you and your beautiful babes!!! I know what being all MAGGED OUT is all about, and I am sorry that you now know too! Love and prayers from our family to yours.

Steve, Tara and Trevor said...

What a amazing story! You did a great job Kami! I cant wait to hear more about how big the babies are getting!!