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Yeah so, if you’ve ever asked me “did you quit blogging?”, “when are you going to do another blog post?” or have said “I’m tired of seeing that stupid elf just hanging there!”, this blog’s for you (and you know who you are Winking smile)!  I know it’s been awhile and the only excuse I have is life.  But to those of you who have hounded me about this, I want to thank you because my main purpose for this blog is to record all the fun (or not-so-fun) moments in our life. Yes, I want to keep you updated too, but that is just an added perk! So thank you my nagging, pesky little friends that just won’t let it GO! (I kid, I kid)

I wish I could go back and do a separate update on all I’ve missed,  but to be honest, it’s just a bit overwhelming.  I will do up catch all right here and now.  What’s happening, happened or not happened?

Christmas – wonderful, great celebration with both families.  This year, the kids still weren’t too fond of Santa , but they really did seem to soak up the Christmas story.  We celebrated advent by each night reading a bible story an opening an symbolic ornament to hang on our Jesse tree.  I was amazed at how well the kids did listening to and remembering the stories and what each ornament stood for.

photoAs bad as they didn’t want to take the picture, they held it together pretty good!
(L to R: Rocco, Sloan, Madden & Jagger)

IMG_0067Grandaddy reading about the birth of Jesus from the Bible

New Years….

IMG_0244Hello 2012! (S,J,R,M)

The 3rd Birthday!  Since the kids’ birthday fell a week before Mardi Gras, we decided to have a Mardi Gras themed party complete with beads, king cake, and a parade, of course.   And wouldn’t you know it, the party had to be on THE coldest day of the year.  I think everyone still had a good time.

February 2012

Madden – It’s been one year (March 11th) since he got his pacemaker.  He had his semiannual checkup and all is well!  Madden is doing great and his pacemaker is working just as it should. Thank you Lord!

However, It would be seriously remiss of me to not write out the story of this doctors appointment.  I had decided to take all four kids with me (mind you, this was my first outing with 4 3-year-olds) and my mom decided to come along at the last minute thankfully so because the appointment took much longer than I remembered.  While they waited, she took the others for a walk around the hospital and stopped by the coffee shop to get her morning cup.  Of course, the kids wanted a “treat.”  What do you buy a 3-year-old from a coffee shop?  hmmm…G.G?  A mocha sippy to share…why not?  Bless her heart. (Sidenote:  I do limit sugar intake on a daily basis, but by no means are they deprived from sweets and sugar.) BUT OH, the caffeine.  To make a long story short, it was all fun and cute in the beginning and then it turned U-G-L-Y.  Here is a snippet of their caffeine crash.  (Madden is in the red and you can totally tell that he didn’t have any caffeine!)

Ay-yi-yi! Fortunately, we have not had any melt downs of this magnitude since!

Potty training – Not happened. Crying face Next. 

Easter – The kids are still loving their school.  They go twice a week for a few hours at a time, but it amazes me how much they learn.  So I was super excited to go to our very first school program the week before Easter.  The kids had been singing all their songs for weeks.  Or should I say the boys have been singing their songs.  Seems Sloan is taking after her daddy and has decided she is too cool for school Winking smile  Girl cracked us up during the program.  And she warned us the night before that she wasn’t going to sing.  And I ASSURE you…she knows every single word and hand motion.  Here is one of the first songs they sang.  I apologize for the distance, Nick got closer later, but Sloan was blocked by another kid and this one really shows her “coolness.”  They are sitting together on the bottom row almost directly in the middle.  (L to R: Rocco, Madden, Jagger & Sloan)

Easter egg hunts were fun this year…

At school, looking through their finds

Sloan and her partner, KeKe

Jagger took the booby prize Winking smile

Madden on the lookout

Rocco wins the GOLDEN egg!

Our best pal, Chad, came over to take some pics of the kids all dressed up.  Here are a couple good ones (considering his subjects weren’t cooperating too well.)


And a couple of pictures from Sunday…



Ahhhh...it feels good to be back!  Hope you had a wonderful Easter with your family! We serve a Risen Savior! Hallelujah!

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