Nick is here for good! He arrived safe and sound Saturday evening. I am so thankful he gets to be here for the duration of the pregnancy. It has been my prayer that I wouldn't deliver before he got here....for obvious reasons and also that he wouldn't miss the birth of his precious babies. Since he has been here, he has been able to see two BPP's, both of which the babies passed! He was amazed at how big they have grown in just a month.

I missed you Nick!

He's checking out the belly!

Also this past weekend, my brother, Travis and my sister-in-law, Sissy, along with some very close friends of ours, Jeff and Heather, came all the way from BR to visit! It was so nice to visit with them and I am glad they had a good weekend here in Arizona. On Friday, they got to the hospital just in time to see the daily ultrasound. It is always so fun to watch someone see our little miracles on the screen for the first time! Thank y'all for coming....y'all are the best!

Left to Right: Travis, Sissy, big mama, Heather & Jeff

Daily ultrasound - something was funny!

Hospital update: Babies are all doing great...kicking, moving, passing tests! I am doing fine as well. Hydrotherapy seems to be working...my swellling in my legs and feet are down alot. I am on a very low dose of blood pressure medicine which is keeping it stable. I am still able to eat which is great for the babies. They told me I would get to a point where I wouldn't feel like eating anymore, well not yet...go figure! The FFN was done today and came back negative! Again, this is a predictor that I will not go into preterm labor within the next 2 weeks (90% reliabiltiy). Of course, we are still praying that the preeclampsia will not progress and the babies will continue to thrive in utero!

On a side note, there is a good chance we will be interviewed on the Today Show on Friday morning. It is supposed to be a segment on families that come from out of state for Dr. Elliott and his associates and the Banner Good Samaritan Hospital. I'm sorry I don't have all the details, but I will try to post before Friday morning to let you know for certain if we will be on! Stay tuned!

P.S. Please pray for another quad mom here, Sharmeen Musani (sp?). She is 34 weeks along and she is scheduled to deliver her babies tomorrow around 1:30. She has made it so far...way to go Sharmeen! We will continue to pray for healthy surgery and babies!



Stephanie said...

So glad y'all are together! Praying for you and the babies...I am so excited about how well you are doing!

Love y'all,

Stephanie, Langston and Alison

The Otts Zoo said...

Hey Kami and Nick! We miss seeing you on Sunday mornings. Kami, you look go great! We are all praying for the 2 of you and those precious babies. We can't wait to rock them in the nursery at church! Love, Kristy Otts

The Carlsons said...

yay on nick being there!! and happy to hear you had a good visit from family. i always enjoyed that...seeing my hubby and son and visits from folks.

keep on going kami! you are doing great!! and keep on eatin' :D
-fellow quad mom of GGGG and a 4.75yo boy

Tracy said...

YEAH! I know Nick is happy to finally be there...glad you and the babies are doing so well!

Anonymous said...

I am so glad that he could be there for the rest of your journey!!! AWESOME!! You are so blessed to be under Dr. Elliott! He is the BEST!!!
keep us posted on the today show thing!!!!!!!!!

Cochran Quads said...

You look freaking Awesome!!! Keep on rockin' mama!!!

MasonTripletsPlusOne said...

Gad to hear that your hubby is there to be with you and things are going well for you:) It's s small world too, I have been following your blog for a while and I don't know Sharmeen, but she belongs to the higher order multiples group that I do. If you get a chance to see her tell her the girls from Michigan are pulling for her and I posted it on our site for extra prayers for her and the babies.


Nicole said...

Awesome update. Also great to see Travis, Sissy and the Shays. I hope Nick doesn't get you too worked up talking about the new LSU recruits. Also, if he tells you he just happened to come up with the names Rueben, Barkevious and Stavion, don't believe him.
Take care and we hope to see you friday on the Today show.