Update on Kami

While doing a routine ultrasound this morning, our resident doctor noticed a decellerated heartbeat on Baby D. She called in Dr Elliott and they decided to put Baby D on a monitor for an hour to see if it would continue or if maybe it was just a random thing. Not long after that hour passed, things started to move fast. Kami was given another steroid shot (her first one was about 3 weeks ago) and the doctors started her on magnesium sulfate and terbutaline in efforts to reduce contractions. Dr E also wanted to get Kami down to the operation room in case things progressed and they needed to move fast. I also had to scrub-in in case they decided to deliver.

After about 3 hours in the OR, Baby D's heartrate began to stabilize and Dr E made the call that Kami could go back to her room. He told us this was the first time he's sent a mom with quads to the OR and been able to send them back without delivering! We attribute that to the many prayer chains that were started on our behalf. Praise the Lord!

Kami is still feeling good and is in good spirts considering. She has been poked and prodded most of the day - but she's still joking. She's on a very high dose of Mag - 4.5 mg. The highest dose that is considered safe is 5 mg and none of the nurses can remember a patient being on that high of a dose in a long time. Baby D is doing good but Kami continues to have contractions pretty regularly. Please pray that these contractions will stop.

The nurses have taken some blood tests for her preeclampsia, levels of mag in her system and a few others I can't remember. The results should be in sometime tonight and should be very beneficial in diagnosing Kami and telling us if she can hold out a little longer before delivery. Kami's mom and I will be staying in her room tonight in case things turn.

Again I want to thank everyone for your prayers! We know that God has already got all of this planned out so we just continue to ask Him to show us His will. We also pray for our doctors and the decisions they must make. Most of all I'm praying for safety for Kami and our 4 babies!

- Nick


Ian and Katie B said...

Will be praying for you like crazy. I love you Kami and am so encourage by your faith. Will be checking back for updates...

Nicole said...

Definitely on our prayer list buddy.

The Carlsons said...

praying lots here for the six of you!! keep us posted. praying kami and the babies, that God will hold up her body and the babies' for a few more weeks!

please give kami my best!
-fellow quad mom of GGGG and a 4.75yo boy

Amy said...

praying that you can keep those babies cooking a little longer


Wow....I just logged on and couldn't believe the update. Amazing....I can soooo relate you guys! I'll be praying! Mag...Ugh! I'm so sorry. Can we do anything? I'll be praying for sure. Call us anytime...I think you have our numbers.
Huge praise baby D's heart came up!
Ps- I'm watching dateline right now with the octuplet mom...Yikes. You are all doing awesome... If you see/meet Dr Perlow, please tell him we said hi and we'll get him pics as promised soon. He did fantastic. Love Kami

Emily said...

Wow! Isn't God so good! She is doing wonderful. My quints delivered at 28w 6d. They are perfect and I know yours will be too. One thing we have in common is the power of God. He is in control. We will be praying continually for you all.

Misty said...

You will continue to be in my prayers! I'm so glad for the update. Ugh, I was only on mag for a short time & it sucked! sorry, can't lie!
I pray that you go a few more weeks! You are doing so awesome Kami!