A Birthday Celebration

Several months ago Billy Graf started planning a surprise 30th birthday party for his beautiful wife, Moni.  He threw the invitation out there to all of us quad moms (and dads – no kids, ha! can you imagine?) all over the country to drive/fly to Kansas for her birthday party and I am guessing he never imagined that everyone would jump right on that opportunity! In the end 12 out of 15 of us were able to make it work, but we surely did miss you Kelly, Jenna and Misty!  And can you believe, I actually think  Billy manage to pull off this surprise?!?  He racked up some serious brownie points last weekend.  I’ve written before of the bond us moms share but it was really cool to see our boys hit it off the way they did.  Really cool.

The mamas and papas (except for Billy & Moni haven’t arrived yet) Can you believe these crazy people are collectively responsible for 50 kids!?!  Wow!

Waiting to surprise the birthday girl – yes, in a horse stall!

Back Row:  Jenn, Sandra, Jac, Moni, Gen, me, Mari
Front Row: Heather, Beth, Casey, Amy-Jo, Suz, and Charity

Me with the birthday Girl


We had a blast and I am looking forward to many more vacations with these special people.  I want to give a BIG thanks to Nanny Alicia, G.G., Big Pop, Grandmama and Grandaddy for taking care of our kids for us while we were away! We LOVE you!


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Stephanie said...

I am so happy you all were able to get together!!
What a special bond you all have!!
50 kids..YIKES!! lol