The Hoe Down Throw Down

I love birthday parties.  I guess it’s because my mom always had cool ones for me and I want to carry on the tradition.  Give me a theme and I’ll run with it!  I don’t know what made me decide the western theme for their second birthday…maybe it was just a good gender neutral theme or perhaps I just love cowboy boots and country music Winking smileI think the party turned out really cute, but most importantly I think everyone had a good time including the birthday boys and girl.

The invitation…


Nanny Alicia’s dad has a chuck wagon that he was kind enough to let us use for our pictures.  It was cold and the kids weren’t thrilled about their picture being taken…I guess they were playing the part of the “outlaws!” 

The getup…

Boots for my buckaroos

Howdy Cowboy Roc!

Even Big Pop played the part

Although I didn’t get any pictures of the grub table, we served BBQ pulled pork sandwiches with potato salad and baked beans on tin plates.  The waterin’ hole was stocked with root beer and Ma’s Sweet Tea, of course.  

Q2-0007aAnother awesome cake by G.G.

Jude helped serve the ice cream

cupcakes and Happy Trails mix too!

We sang Happy Birthday four times for four special 2 year olds!




2nd birthday
Digging in!

It is always a gamble to plan an outside party in February, but we could not have asked for better weather!  It was a BEAUTIFUL day…sunny skies  and 65 degrees. 

The kids had a blast on the WILD WEST PLAYGROUND

The hitchin’ post photo opp


2nd birthday1
I think we had about 24 kids at the party.  Unfortunately, I didn’t get a picture of every kid on the saddle, but the ones I did were really cute!

A hayride was our cheap entertainment…



Madden, Daddy & Jagger

Nanny, Rocco, Jana & Cowboy Cash

Sloan with her BFF Karoline!

The presents…they really got into these this year!




The party favors…


Each cowboy and cowgirl got a personalized hobo bag with some goodies.  We had a cowboy name for everyone like Ringo Rogers, Kid Kiger, Calamity Kaitlyn, etc.  Very fun and the kids loved it!

And the award for the farthest traveled to attend the birthday party…

IMG_8700TTHANKS Uncle Bill and Aunt Pat for coming all the way from Nashville.  We had such a good time with y’all!

Thanks to ALL who came and celebrated another year with us!  We LOVE you all.  And HUGE THANKS to G.G. for helping with the party!  YOU ARE THE BEST!



Bret and Heather said...

sooo creative! great job momma!

The McCleary Quads said...

What a great creative 2nd Birthday party. Loved the western theme... all of the pictures were pretty cute. We are gearing up for our quads 2nd birthday. We're still deciding on a theme and everything. We hope the weather will be nice outside then.

The McCleary Quads

Tina Michelle said...

That looks so fun!! You did a great job planning it. The pics are great!

Kari said...

What a fun, creative party! Great job!

Charity Donovan said...

HANDS DOWN...CUTEST QUAD BIRTHDAY PARTY EVER GOES TO THE LAMBE's!!!!! Seriously girl...you didn't miss a trick! Everything was so CUTE & I plan on stealing every last idea!!!! I love it...beginning to end! Love you Kami & I'm picking that creative brain of yours in October for sure!!!!

Gen McNulty said...

HOLY HARD WORK!! THAT WAS AWESOME KAMI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm such a slacker mom.. lol!! Wanna plan our 5th bday party for me this year?!!

Happy Bday babies!
I all of you!