Haircut 101

Imagine this…4 hair cuts, $70, every 6-7 weeks (especially for the boys, Sloan can definitely go longer.)  Yes, I know…I could get a cheaper haircut somewhere but we were really paying a little extra for the convenience of going to a salon with a playroom for the others while they waited their turn.  I really started thinking about this and how this would add up over the years.  Could I cut their hair? It really is laughable, but I kept thinking….maybe?  Then, my mom’s stylist (SHOUT OUT to Jeffrey at Renaissance Salon in Baton Rouge) told her that he would give me a little haircut lesson and that he was sure I would have no problem with it.  How nice is that?!?  So off we went  with Jagger yesterday for my lesson.   Jeffrey was so great!  He really took his time demonstrating the perfect haircut for me! 

So Jagger got the professional haircut.  That means Rocco and Madden would be my guinea pigs…oh my.  It’s just hair, right?  Here goes…

Rocco – before

Madden – before

First Cut. No turning back now!

Can I just say I have a whole new appreciation for stylists and their chasing method they have to use with kids! So so hard.

Madden’s turn – notice my concentration :)

He really did sit still much better than Rocco did

He even sat still for the clippers

Rocco’s finished look – Don’t look too close!  Remember this was my very first time and I could have done more with him, but I guess I was a little slow because he was just OVER IT!

Madden’s do.  Maybe a little better?!?

Nothing a little product can’t fix!

So I think I’m ready for this challenge.  I will try this.  But I promise you boys, momma will not let you walk around all gapped up just to save a few bucks.  I will get better!



Kay said...

Adorable...you are some other kind of MOM! I so enjoy your blog and keeping up with your precious little ones! (I am a friend of the Lambes from Decatur) Hope to meet you some day Kami....

Stephen Donovan said...

You did a great job! They look adorable!!!!

Pyjammy Pam said...

Shoot...I'll be in BR this weekend with the boys. Wanna give me a lesson? (Only kidding - but we will be in BR. If you're interested, maybe we could meet at City Park or somewhere?)

waiting said...

You did a wonderful job!!!! If I were you, I SO would do the same thing:)

Mrs. Liner said...

They look great!! I'm super impressed.
I also go to PTs&CCs. They are expensive, but Brooke is so great with them.