The Newbie

So, many of you have read about my recent "momcation" with 15 of my closest Quad Momma friends. This was the 2nd annual quad mom trip. Since the first one was only a few weeks after we arrived home with our precious preemies last year, this was my first trip with the girls and I was considered one of the newbies. I must admit I was a little hesitant being a newbie and knowing the incredible bond these girls had already developed but I was so giddy to finally meet these ladies who have been such a source of inspiration and encouragement to me over the last 2 years. Man, they weren't kidding...the bond is immediate. I don't know if I have ever experienced that sort of thing. TRULY amazing. The entire weekend was everything I imagined and so much more.

Thank you so much AJ, Beth, Casey, Charity, Gen, Heather, Jac, Jenn, Jenna, Kelly, Mari, Misty, Moni, Sandra, and Suz for making this weekend so much fun. I loved sharing every minute with each of you and can't wait to do again next year...and every year after!!! I love you girls so much!

I also want to thank my wonderful husband, family and friends for making this weekend happen for me. Nick, G.G and Big Pop, Grandmama and Grandaddy, and Nanny Alicia & Cindy - thanks for taking such good care of the kiddos while I was gone. Y'all are awesome! I'm so blessed to have you in my life.



King Quads said...

Love you! So happy to meet you in person. You are so sweet and so beautiful.

They forgot to make us do something for initiation. SHHHHHHHHHHHHH


The Cochran Crew said...

Love you so much!!! Muah!

And thanks for the reminder about initiation!

Charity Donovan said...

It was so awesome to finally meet you! You are beautiful inside and out!!! Cannot wait for next year! Love, LOVE & more LUV!!!!