No Work Zone

Until Monday anyway.  I’m excited to say that Monday will begin the official building phase of our forever home!  That’s right…the workers are coming to start forming up.  Yay! So from this point on, there will be decisions, decisions, and more decisions…or so I hear.  We are so excited and feel so blessed to be able to do this for our family. 

Today was actually warm enough to go outside, and  I thought it was a good idea to get pictures of the kids on our future homestead before construction begins.  So we put on our rubber boots and went exploring.

Sloan – “C’mon guys, hurry up!”

Sloan was not digging the mud on her pretty pink boots!

Rocco and Madden – boys really do LOVE dirt don’t they?!?

Jagger sampling his very first mud pie  - ewww!

Hard to believe that this time next year – they’ll be standing on our front porch!!

I love this one!

Also, I remembered our friend Chad took some pictures of the babies on our property (before it was cleared) when they were 9  months old.   I found this one…

Who ARE those babies?  Ugh.  How fast.  Sigh. 


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George W. Randall said...

WOW, how exciting!!! Great photos of your handsome gang on their new homestead. Shots to remember this huge event and kid milestones. Love to all, Bethel Ann