Rocco’s Road Rash

Oh how could it be that my sweet Rocco woke up this morning looking like this…


And then I put him to bed looking like this…


This afternoon he took a spill down two brick stairs. Ugh…if only we could put them in a bubble ;) They are all SO active these days. It’s so much fun to watch them develop and get better at simple things each day. Running is now a favorite.


Madden chasing Jagger

I actually held my breath on this one! He ran off the brick path…didn’t miss a beat. Phew!

They are getting to be little daredevils. Jagger is probably the biggest one, but they all test the waters. They love finding new spaces to crawl into, new things to climb…really, you can’t take your eyes off of them!

Rocco - “Oops…busted!”

Oh and wrestling. I really do love it. I love seeing them laugh with one another. We’ve always rough-housed with them a bit, but now they are starting to do it with one another. It’s so much fun!

Madden, Rocco and Sloan watching the big boys

And by big boys…I mean the real big boys too!

Now I wonder where they get their ideas from? Hmmm…

Lots of laughs and fun and a couple of bumps and bruises along the way…guess that’s just the life a an almost 2-year-old! Speaking of, 2nd birthday party planning is in full effect (can you believe their birthday is just 3 weeks from today!) I’m so excited to celebrate, but really can’t believe it’s been ANOTHER year! Here’s a little hint for our theme this year ;)


So fun!


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Amy-Jo said...

Poor Rocco, if you happen to find those bubbles let me know I am sure they will give a group discount ;o). If only we could keep them safe in our arms at all times-I would. Hugs and love Kami and family! Amy-Jo