one year photos

Cherish has done it once again! Already the picture she took from their 6 month photo session have become so precious to us and now, we have these great moments captured. I can assure you that it was much harder this go round. At 6 months, all we had to worry about was wiping drool and making them smile which is a job in itself. But this time we had that AND the fact they are all mobile now! I think I got my cardio for the day for sure! I have 99 to choose from but these are just a few of my favorites. Oh, how will I decide?

Awww! (L to R: Rocco, Sloan, Madden, & Jagger)

...and just like that it all changes! Huge thanks to my cousin, Jana and my mom for helping herd the kiddos!

Love it!
(L to R: Madden, Rocco, Jagger, Sloan)

Sloan Olivia

Rocco Dean

Madden Jax

This is so Jagger Cole!

Round 2...mmm...lollipops!




Happy Birthday baby girl!

Happy Birthday Big Boy!

Happy Birthday Madman!

Happy Birthday Jagg!

Yay...we're ONE!

And I think its a wrap!

Hosin' em down!

Have a great day!



The Cochran Crew said...

Sooooo sweet! I can't believe they are 1! Time flies way too fast! Love you and your precious Lambes!!

DJones said...

All so so adorable! I can see why it would be difficult to choose.

Renee said...

Absolutely precious!

Betsy Gilbride said...

Beautiful babies and GREAT photos! Boy does the first year fly by....

Hilary said...

How do you pick? They are amazing :) Beautiful children for sure ;)

Tamara said...

Ohhhh Myyyyy! Cuteness OVERLOAD! The pics are AMAZING! The kids are just perfect.


Kelly Trullinger said...

So cute! Love the pics. I couldn't decide either. They are wonderful pics! All of them! ONE???ALREADY?

Charity Donovan said...

Too cute!! How are you ever going to pick?!?!?! I love them ALL!!

FloyKnop said...

Unable to give you a heart. so have a reply to push up your post. ........................................

Amy-Jo said...

I cannot believe I am just now reading this post. They are so beautiful, and handsome boys. Love every single picture!