Our First Easter

Technically, it's our second, but last year Nick was in BR and I was in Phoenix...the boys still in the NICU and Sloan was home with me. So our first Easter together as a family. And what a wonderful way to spend it at church celebrating the resurrection of our Savior Jesus Christ. A glorious morning indeed.

This was our first time all together at church since the babies were only 6 months old. Now, they have a schedule and a routine so I was naturally concerned how well they would adapt to their new surroundings and changes in their routine. Just first let me tell you how cute they looked...you will have to take my word for it because that's right....I got ZERO pictures of them all dressed up. I think I really underestimated how hectic the morning would be getting them all ready and myself and Nick. Well he dresses himself....sort of (j/k). I had a plan that we would take pictures at mom and dad's after we got back from church. Well there was no napping during church so Rocco and Jagger crashed as soon as we got in the car even without lunch! Sloan and Madden were troopers and just skipped their morning nap all together without much fussing, I must say. Needless to say, those two went down before the other two got up and that's pretty much how the day went...everyone on their own schedule! But late this evening I was determined to get some pictures of them...these will have to do for now...

Sloanie bunny, Rocbunny, Madbunny and Jagbunny
I know, I know...it's not great, but if you knew what was coming after this picture you would know that I didn't have much to choose from.

Well, I'll show ya (keep an eye on Rocco)...

Awww...my sensitive one

Did I mention we were off schedule??? And for the record there were 4 of us trying to make them smile! Some babies on the other hand enjoyed their change in routine.

Sweet Jagger

Madden & Jagger playing with their eggs from the hunt that I did NOT get pictures of! Ugh!
By the way, Team Madden (momma & Madden) found the golden egg...woohoo!

We did have a visit from the Easter Bunny and I did manage to get some pictures of the kiddos with their baskets...

First up...Rocco! He's always so happy in the mornings!

Madden's digging his new sippy cup. "Thank you Easter Bunny!"

Good times!

Jagger: "You want me to wear what?!?"

Sloan getting her good morning kisses from Lucy

"Look momma, more shoes! Score!"

I was thinking back to last Easter and how I only had Sloan at home....I remembered taking these pictures. I thought you might enjoy seeing too..

My sweet girl

Her first Easter dress was an actual baby doll dress because we couldn't find one small enough for her.

I hope you and your family had a wonderful Easter celebration!

He has Risen!



Thomas said...

(this is Lisa) such sweet pictures....how fast a year flies by, huh?

Stephanie said...

He is risen indeed!
Wow, what adorable pictures!
What a difference one year can make!!
I love Roccos face in thr group pics! That is too funny!!

jag said...

Good night! They are BEAUTIFUL! Rocco, your sad face made me smile, you silly thang!

waiting said...

Thanks again for the ride home from church! The babies are precioius indeed! Reid moved up yesterday, so they weren't in the same class yesterday:(

Suzanne said...

freaking hilarious pics of rocbunny! omg. LOVED it! girl--i know how stressful it is and i don't blame you ONE BIT for not getting a pic! glad you made it though---so special!

The Cochran Crew said...

I don't have any pictures either sista! They look sooo precious though! And Sloan, such a diva! Love you!