Buh-Bye Adenoids...Hello Tubes!

Yes, we finally made that decision, with our pedi's guidance of course, that it was time for the boys to get tubes. They have had ear infections back-to-back (or so it seems) for the last 5 or 6 months and the poor fellas needed some relief! Once we met with the ENT doc for the consultation, he recommended we remove the adenoids while we were there.

Our morning started at 5:15 when we woke up, got dressed, transported the sweet sleeping boys to the van and made it to the surgery center for 6am. Sloan, by the way, had a fun night and day with Grandmama. The boys were so good. No fussing...just a few looks of confusion. Not to mention, they are always fed breakfast within 20 minutes or so of waking up, and of course they couldn't not have anything to eat or drink until after the surgery which was scheduled for 7. Each surgery only lasted 8-10 minutes. I was concerned about how they would do but really they were uh-mazing.

They don't look too happy here! How cute are those hospital gowns?

First up...Jagger. Doc said everything went fine, but his ears were really bad especially the left one and his adenoids were a bit swollen too. Me and Grandaddy were waiting for Jagger when they brought him to the recovery room while Daddy, Big Pop & G.G. were with the other two. He was a bit groggy/fussy when he came out but was pretty easily consoled by rocking him. He stayed a bit clingy the rest of the day but by the late afternoon he was feeling like himself again.

Daddy loving on Jagger pre-surgery

Second...Rocco. Again, doc said everything went fine with Rocco. By the time Rocco came out of the surgery everyone was in the recovery room with us because they had already sent Madden back. He was also a bit fussy coming out of the anesthesia. BUT by 12:30 or maybe even earlier, you would have never known that he had surgery today. He was back to his sweet happy self!

Momma playing with Rocco pre-surgery

Last...Madden. During Madden's assessment, the nurse had mentioned that Madden's heart rate was a little lower. They took him back to the OR and ran an EKG. The anesthesiologist determined that Madden's heart rate was too low and she would not be comfortable administering any anesthesia in his condition. So Madden will only have to suffer with his funky ears for a few more days (hopefully) until we can be cleared by a cardiologist for surgery. It would have been nice to knock 3 out all in one day, but we are very appreciative to have the opportunity to get his little heart checked out and have the doctors confident that no problems will arise.

Grandaddy (giving Madden his breathing treatment ) and Big Pop

G.G. and Madden

So hopefully I can say (at least for Rocco and Jagger)....good riddance nasty ear infections!



waiting said...

Scary to send them back isn't it? So glad that they did well. Hope Madden will get his over with soon! These pics are great! So sweet......love yall!

The Cochran Crew said...

Such a cute post!!! Keep us updated on Madden!!! So glad the other two did well and Sloan got some girlie time! Billy (a/k/a Nick) looks a little thugish in that black hat, me likey!!! Love you honey!!!

The Gerwer Babies said...

SERIOUSLY! Why didnt i know about all this! You need to share more with "the group" :) Poor boys!! Keep us posted on when Maddens surgery is. Hope they are all recovering well. Such sweet little boys!