We're Bigger Now!

I recently received the web pictures from our 6 month photo shoot and am so excited to share them with you. Our fabulous photographer friend, Cherish, took these amazing shots of our little ones. We are in love with them almost as much as the real things....almost. You can check out more of her brilliant work at cherishedportraits.com

Sloan, Rocco, Madden & Jagger

One of my most favorite ever!

Sweet girl

Little Diva

Happy girl!

The boys
(Rocco, Madden & Jagger)

Rocco Dean

Madden Jax

Jagger Cole

Too funny! They were new at pushing up on their arms, and this photo shoot proved to be too much work for Madden!

"Momma! C'mon."

That's all!

Check back later this week for nine month update!


Kami Shea


Allyson said...

The pictures of Rocco and Madden look like the same baby...same pose and everything. Too cute!

Tracy said...

So cute!

DJones said...

Beautiful pictures!

Stephanie said...

Wow..those are great!!!

jag said...

Oh my stars! That is the cutest!

Andrea said...

It's not possible for them to be any cuter!!!!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Miss Sloan's headband!

Hilary said...

AWWWW!!! Tooo sweet!!!

The Cochran Crew said...

BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!! Love them so much!

Moni Graf said...

Nick and Kami....those are some GORGEOUS babies! But I'd expect nothing less coming from you two. Can't wait for the day when I get to meet them in person. Wish it could've happened a month ago, but hopefully it'll work out next time. And yes, there WILL be a next time!

Had such a great time getting to know you both. I'm FINALLY getting around to posting about our LA trip, but it may need to be in installments cuz it's getting pretty lengthy. Too many memories I want to remember! Good times, good times.

Love you all!

Heza Hekele said...


Suzy said...

Fantastic photos!! I am so jealous ... I have not felt comfortable enough to take all four out for professional pics yet. Maybe for their first birthday next month? :)

Linda SM said...

Kami, Nick and babies!!!!
What great pictures!!!The kids look great. God bless you all and I'll keep following the blog
Love ya much!
Linda Slater Myer