We Made It!

We are officially out of our first RSV season...and we made it without catching the dreaded virus. Sure, we got some colds, coughs and ear infections but never RSV...praise the Lord! So what does that mean? Well be on the lookout for four little Lambes...we will be getting out and about much more often now. I am so excited to experience new things/places with the babies. For now, we will start this beautiful first day of April with a lovely wagon ride!

Can you tell who doesn't have a seat belt yet...and who is not too happy about his?!? hehehe

Ahem...notice anything? Yep that's right, Momma won the battle of the bows! All it took? Persistence. (Note to self!) Seriously, thanks for all of your tips.

Love that little wrinkle nose smile!

Happy happy boy!

Hey there, Mr. Blue eyes!

Happy April!



Suzanne said...

ahhh! spring is in the air! and a happy april to YOU too! no more lockdown!!! don't you feel like a new woman?!?!

those cutie pies are just too freakin' adorable! thanks for sharing with us!


Suzy said...

ARGH, I need to move to wherever you live. Our ped told me last week that RSV cases are still coming in frequently and we need to stay on lockdown another month! So jealous of you guys!!

Suzy said...

P.S. Your kids are adorable. :)

vegas_dafna said...

They are gorgeous!!! Enjoy the spring!

The Gerwer Babies said...

GIRL! Virtual high five!!!YEAH FOR END OF LOCKDOWN!!! Wish we were closer so we could all celebrate with our kids! Love you

The Cochran Crew said...

How friggin cute are they! And loving that you put their names on the side of the wagon, LOVE IT! Love ya Kami Shea! SHAM POW!

Stephanie said...

Love the wagon with their names!!
So glad you made it through this year!! I cant imagine how hard it is to be on lockdown!

Jac Tubre said...

Stinkin cute babies! If you need a partner in crime for an outing, I'm game. Can you just imagine the looks we would get?

Love you!