Spreading the Love

With all the excitement of the babies' birth, I didn't get to post about the visitors we had. Nick's parents (Grandaddy and Grandmama) flew in the day the babies were born which was Thursday and stayed through that Monday...it was so great to see them since it had been 2 1/2 months for me! Then on Friday, my dad surprised my mom and me. We knew he was coming but he also flew in the whole family(my brothers and their families). We were sitting in the hospital room and our nurse, Deb, came in wheeling a cot. I asked her why she was bringing that in and she said someone ordered it. Then I saw the lumps in the bed and a kid's head halfway uncovered. My four nephews and niece all jumped up and as you can imagine it was a very tear-filled reunion! Such a great surprise! Although they didn't get to meet their new little cousins (because of the NICU restrictions), the kids had a great weekend in Arizona with their Big Pop and GG. Here are pics from their trip.

Hiding under the sheet - waiting to surprise GG and Aunt Kami


I missed my man...Nate!

The boys (L to R: Nate, Griffin, Evan and Jude)

Griff and Rylee
Climbing Camelback Mountain

Well, GG decided to go home this past week for a short visit, and Grandmama and Grandaddy are back for their second visit. Now they are able to hold the babies and are loving every minute of it! Our babies have the best two sets of grandparents that any kid could have....I can't wait to watch their relationships grow!

GG with Sloan before she left
Grandmama and Madden

Grandaddy and Sloan

The babies are all doing so well....just doing normal preemie things and trying to grow out of that! Rocco is on full feeds now and so far is tolerating them very well. We can't thank you enough for all of your prayers. It has been so fun to hold each of them and try to learn their personalities. Sloan already loves to be pampered. She seems to be laid back and loves spa day (bath time)! Rocco is a sweetheart. He is the chunky one...at 3lbs 9 oz! Madden loves his daddy...at least that is what Nick says! But I'm thinking he's really going to be a momma's boy! And Jagger, well he is staying true to the fashion that he came into this world...everything on his own time!

I can't believe they are already 3 weeks old tomorrow. We loved them so much before they were here (even before they were conceived), but it is so incredible how that love grows even more when you hold their tiny bodies in your arms. Our hearts are SO full of love! I've often thought these last few weeks that if I love my children this much....how MUCH does my heavenly Father love me (us)...even MORE!?! Pretty incredible!




Cochran Quads said...

Such a sweet post!! Those babies are BEAUTIFUL and you look awesome!! Does it run in y'all's family to name your kids such Rocking names? Love Love all the names!! I wish I would have met you before! I think Avery could have definitely used a better name (not that I don't love her's) but I think you could have put a spin on something more deserving for our Punk-A-Rella! Can't wait till y'all can all be home as a family!

Moni Graf said...

Oh Kami and Nick....they are absolutely gorgeous! I especially love Madden's golden hair in that pic.

So glad you had an awesome surprise with your family coming to see you.

Hope your NICU days fly by and you get to cuddle those babies at home soon.


Tracy said...

Thanks for the update! What a fabulous surprise! Glad all is well and everyone is growing....hope you are recovering fast Kami!

Ms. Beverly said...

It was awsome to see ALL the kids. Wow, how they have all grown. You have some beautiful children. Savor the time you have now, cause they will grow up faster than you think. Hope ya'll will be home by the time we return from our trip. I can't wait to see your new family. Our God is AWSOME, Ms. Beverly

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone. I just wanted to let you all know that I am so honored to be taking care of your little ones while they are in the NICU. Congratulations! They are all so wonderful!

The Davidsons said...

I just asked Grandmother what y'all thought about the WHOLE fam surprise! I'm so glad y'all were able to catch it in a picture, that is awesome!!!

Nicole said...

Awesome update. So glad they are doing great, and so glad you have folks from home there to share the joy.
Looking forward to the next update, and more pics.