Sloan's 1st Visit...

Too bad Jagger slept through it! That's right...she got to visit her baby brother last night since she is off the oxygen. It is not quite as easy as picking her up and taking her in their rooms though...her vitals still have to be monitored so she is hooked to a portable machine. It was so fun to see them together.

1/2 of the Lambe family!

"Awww...I've missed you!"

Jagger is now infection free, but Madden decided he didn't like his brothers getting all the attention and now has a urinary tract infection. He will be on antiobiotics for at least a week (we are on day 3.) Rocco is hanging in there and Sloan is doing well too. Both Rocco and Jagger are in their open cribs and maintaining their temps. All the babies are learning to nipple (breast and bottle). It has been a slow process so far, but they are doing good. It has been nice to actually feed or nurse them while holding. We will be another step closer to coming home once they start taking all of their feeds by bottle or breast. They are all growing so fast! The weights from last night are:

Sloan - 4lbs 7 ozs
Rocco - 4lbs 11 ozs
Madden - 4lbs 9 ozs
Jagger - 4lbs 6 ozs

My handsome Rocco

In his big boy crib

Jagger in his crib

Yesterday was an exciting day for me...my baby shower! Much love to Jac Tubre who gave us the brilliant idea to have it via webcam. Thanks to all my incredible hostesses who did so much to make it so special for me! Thanks to everyone who came and the wonderful gifts you gave us! We are truly blessed with the most amazing friends and family. It was so great to see everyone....can't wait to see you in person!

Specific prayer requests:
- Rocco's PDA to close
- Madden's UTI
- Jagger's ROP
- Boys to wean from the oxygen
- All babies as they are learning to nipple

Some praises:
- Jagger's infection is gone
- Sloan is off oxygen
- All babies are maintaining their body temperatures
- All babies' growth
- Great shower with awesome family and friends




Cochran Quads said...

Isn't that Jac just amazing!!! Love the new pictures!! Praying!

jag said...

That is beyond cute! Glad they got to snuggle. Continued prayers for the Lambes!

The Carlsons said...

how cute are they?! i love seeing them! and how sweet of jac to have a shower for you!

praying they all continue to do well and keep on growing! man, they are getting big!!
-fellow quad mom of 1yo GGGG and a 5yo boy