The Jag Man

We did get the results back and Jagger does have a urinary tract infection. We are so thankful that the infection wasn't quite as serious as they had originally thought. The antibiotics he is taking are already working and he is feeling much better now. He will be on the meds for about a week. They were even able to take him off CPAP and put him back on the nasal canulas. I bathed him today and he was loving it! Thank you for all of your prayers!

Jagger sleeping peacefully!

In other news, Sloan and Madden are in their new big girl and boy cribs! We are so excited with their progress. Here are some pictures over the last few days.

Madden's new bed

Sloan's new bed

Sloan snuggling with her St. Patty's Day Bear

Madden with his bear

P.S. Rocco missed out on this photo shoot...he is still doing well! I will make sure and get him next time!


Cochran Quads said...

Precious!!!! Love all the colorful blankets!!! Go Jag go!!! I know I've said it a million times, but I FREAKIN LOVE your kids names!!!

jag said...

These are wonderful pictures and I'm SO glad that the UTI isn't as serious as previously thought. What a blessing. Seeing your pictures really takes me back. Praying for you all.

Tracy said...

YEAH! They are so beautiful! glad all is well and getting better!

Dana said...

Holy cow your kids are doing so well!! I have been watching for a while and its fun seeing them do so well.

Suzanne said...

poor little jag-man!! the pics are precious!!!