Rocco Update

Before we left the hospital tonight, we spoke to one of the doctors about Rocco. His condition has NOT worsened...Praise the Lord! But she explained to us that we are at a point in his care where we should make a decision on the treatment of his PDA. We could either choose to have the surgical ligation, 3rd course of indomethicin, or wait to see if it will close on its own. It is important to note that none of the three options are without risks, and there is no clear cut solution. Depending on the doctor you speak with, you would probably get a different answer for the best solution. The docs in the practice will meet on Monday morning to discuss Rocco's condition and treatment of his PDA. Please pray for wisdom for the doctors and for us that we will choose the best option for our little man. We are still praying that his PDA will close on its own.

This picture was taken of Rocco during one of his baths this week. I could just kiss his little face off!!!!

All the others are doing well. Their weights now range from 3lbs 5 ozs (Jagger) to 3lbs 10 ozs (Rocco)!



Cochran Quads said...

SO sweet!! He is precious!!! Praying!!!

Lauren Anderson said...

he looks like a little babydoll

Tracy said...

Adorable pic! Praying it closes on it's own!

Ms. Beverly said...

Praying for a possitive outcome!!!

The Carlsons said...

what a cute little man there :)

praying for your decision and the docs guidance in what to do about rocco's pda!. i am sure this is very difficult for you guys.
-fellow quad mom of 1yr GGGG and a 4.75yo boy