Our kids are starting to really suck...

Literally! Okay, sorry for the bad joke! :) They are not taking the whole bottle every feed, but they are really getting the hang of it.

Miss Sloan taking her bottle
Momma and Madden

Jagger drinking like a champ!

Rocco was feeling a little puny yesterday so he had a break from the bottle, but he still loves his paci.

The babies are doing well. Madden is finishing up his round of antibiotics for his UTI...so far the follow up results have been negative. Jagger had his two week eye check up. He does NOT have ROP but the retinal blood vessels are still not fully mature. He will have another exam in 2 weeks. Please pray that Jagger's retinal blood vessels will mature over the next 2 weeks. Rocco had labwork drawn yesterday because he has been a little pale and lathargic. He also had an echo yesterday to check his PDA. His PDA is now considered a large one. The doctors will discuss again on Monday to determine if Rocco is becoming symptomatic and if the surgical ligation would be the best route. Please pray for the doctors wisdom in determining what is best for Rocco. Sloan is cruising right along. If she can get her feeds down (nipple full feeds), I think she will be able to come home.

Big Pop is here! He will be here until we all come home. He hasn't seen the babies since they were about 6 days old. They have changed so much in such a short time! There is no word yet when we will be coming home. Usually they say a good rule of thumb is your original due date which is April 26th...of course it could be a little before or even later.

Big Pop holding Jagger
Lil' Rocco with is lovie

P.S. Congratulations to our new neighbors in the NICU...the Puig family! Lorena and Enrique Puig welcomed their five miracles into the world on March 18th.



Cochran Quads said...

LUV this post!!!! Those pictures are PRECIOUS!!!! When you get an extra second, which I'm sure is hard to come by, send me an e-mail at sandradcochran@bellsouth.net, I wanted to ask you a question about something I would like to send your way just want to make sure you don't already have it! You are rockin' sista and look GREAT!!! Keep on Keepin on Lambe Babies!!!!

The Carlsons said...

go babies go! you keep on sucking ;) seriously, that is awesome! it also must be nice to have more family in town again. how awesome!

praying for rocco's PDA! and for the others to keep doing well! fyi, it's not unusual for the girls to do better in the nicu. it's funny how God made it that way ;)

and yes, we saw on our news here that the Puig's from Tucson had their quints. they must be having the time of their lives too :D

-fellow quad mom of 1yo GGGG and a 5yo boy


Hi Lambe Family!
Great update! It's just like looking at our babies again in the NICU....not so long ago. They grow soooo fast. You'll be amazed. Kami, I can't remember if I mentioned it or if anyone else has, but be sure to take whatever bottles you will be using to the NICU so the babies are switched over before you leave. We were told we could do that by some nurses and some weren't so crazy about doing it. However, Eli had a very hard time and never did well with the bottles we use at home. The girls adjusted ok (had a bit of learning to do) to the playtex nursers but Eli had a hard time. Then we had a hard time finding something that he would do ok with because the ones they use there are disposable. I recently heard you can order those from similac but it was just a pain to try to find something. Some of the nurses and speech therapist were nice about it and felt bad that he wasn't worked with before he left. Anyway...just an FYI. Also, if you are sent home with any of the babies in a "car seat bed" (Eli didn't pass his car seat test so they sent him home in one of those) and it was also a pain to have him retested as he couldn't go back to the NICU and the pediatrician office doesn't have the same set up. Just another little hassle to figure out. If you see Diane, Terri Anderson, Judy (and many others) please tell them hello. We hope to go visit everyone when RSV season is over. Love all the pics. Praying for you all! Kami

Ashley Beth said...

I'm so happy to check in on your family to see that everyone seems to be doing well and growing! Praying for little Rocco!