Our nights–3 years later

One of my favorite things I ever did was take this video of our nightly routine when the babies were 7 months old.  You remember it? 

Boy, our nights are a lot different now…almost 3 years later, HOLY cow!  I thought I would share how our nights are now especially since our nights may change soon (but hopefully not!) as we will be converting the kids to big boy/girl beds in the next couple of months.  Yes, they are still in their cribs.  We have been very blessed that they have never tried to climb out.  Not even ONE of them!  They can climb in all day long, but never try to get out and hey, I’m alright with keeping them in their cages Winking smile

So our nights now…a little less exhausting, a little more fun, a little less routine (just a tad less) and not quite as long (the actual baths and putting to bed part.)  Our basic schedule looks a little like this:

6ish – supper

6:30 – 7:30ish – play time…usually outside at playground or sometimes we swim

7:30-8ish – baths/showers

8-8:30 – family time – reading, playing upstairs, prayers, and tuck ins

Here are pictures from tonight’s family time.  Hey guys show me your…

happyHappy face Open-mouthed smile

bashfulShy faceEmbarrassed smile

sadSad face Sad smile

madMad faceAnnoyed
Ha!  I’m thinking only Madden has this one down!

sillySilly face Confused smile

surpriseAnd my personal favorite…Surprise face Surprised smile

Tuck in time!  Since everyone has their own room, we actually get a little one on one time with each one before bed, which I LOVE – even if it IS just a couple of minutes…when you have multiples that one-on-one time is priceless!  We put the kids to bed in same order every night and even for naps so there is never any arguing about who gets to go first or last.  It just has to do with the order of their bedrooms – boys first because they are upstairs and Sloan is last because she is downstairs.  It’s just how we do it and it’s all they know!  The kids can be so alike a times but more often they are different.  And with their bedtime habits/routines, it is no different.  I just love that.

Rocco is first.  He and Madden always tries to get the most out of us…”one more song”, “one more kiss.”  It’s always something.  He is all giggles when he gets in his bed.  Everything is funny.  I sing him a few songs and he has to sing me one every night – sweetest music ever!  I just love my Rocco lullabies.  Some of his favorites are Itsy Bitsy Spider, Jesus loves me,me,me, and Twinkle Twinkle little star.  Rocco has a few stuffed animals he sleeps with but the thing that is different about him is that he has to have EVERY blanket (4 total) on top of him…and don’t let any of his feet stick out.  Y’all we don’t keep our house that cool, but it works for Rocco.   Oh yeah, and his baby pillow has to be fluffed and straight – and he let’s me know if it’s not “fixed.”  Just a few OCD tendencies there ;)

IMG_1443SO loveable!

IMG_1442Rocco with his many blankets

After I get Rocco settled, I go into Madden’s room.  He is almost always “hiding” from me in his corner.  There’s always a laugh when I “find” him and I (& daddy) get a big hug and a pat before putting peanut in his bed.  I sing to Madden too.  But I have to make sure it’s not an encore of my set with Rocco.  If I start one, he’ll quickly remind me “No, you sang that to Rocco!”  LOL  or I’ll often get “you sang that last night!”  Geez…tough crowd(although I know this is just another one of his stall tactics)! His favorites are Baa, Baa Black Sheep, Jack and Jill, and Barney’s I love you.  Madden has just as many blankets and animals in his bed, but he crams them all to one end and only sleeps with his small chick and small baby blanket that just covers his back.  He sleeps on a standard sized pillow though.  He also plays with his hair when he is falling asleep.  Madden is also the most concerned about what is happening tomorrow so we usually have a quick talk about the day’s events – whatever helps you sleep little dude! Daddy usually has to go back in with Madden (after we have tucked in Jagger but before we go downstairs) to cure some ailment he has come up with ;)  But after that Madden is good for the night.

IMG_1444Madden “hiding”

IMG_1459Madden’s sleep position of choice

Jagger is next.  He turns into a wild man once he gets in his crib.  I’m talking jumping, rolls, lots of excitement with Jagger!  He likes for me to spin him around before I put him in too.  I know, bedtime is supposed to be a time to calm down, but it hasn’t affected his sleeping and he likes it.  I get to sing for Jagger too but he likes more of the originals than covers.  For the past few weeks, I’ve had to sing a song about Canes' (yes, I’m talking about the fast food chain Raising Canes’)  And man, do I wish they had a clever little jingle because I KNOW it would be better with the tune I’ve come up with!  BUT he loves it!  It’s our little thing.  A second song and old faithful for Jagger is Old McDonald except he likes me to sing “lots of animals” instead of just one animal in the verse and do all the sounds together.  I’m serious, where does he get this stuff?!?  Jagger has a few comfort items in his bed but I’m not sure how much comfort they provide.  A pillow, he can take it or leave it…and usually leaves it.  No blanket to cover him.  Just jagger and the bed.  He has a mobile that plays music – but NEVER wants it on.  The other boys have one too and they like theirs playing and the lights on. 

Sloan always comes and tucks each of the boys in too! And as you can see, I couldn’t get Jag to sit still to take a good picture!

Silly boy, he did choose to sleep on his pillow pet tonight though

And lastly, Sloan.  A true sleeping beauty…and a girl after my own heart.  She loves her sleep and by FAR, is the easiest to put to bed.  There’s no silly singing, no shenanigans…just a few giggles, kisses, hugs and she is good.  I LOVE that about her and I especially love it after getting 3 boys settled that aren’t quite as easy.  Now, what doesn’t Sloan have in her crib?  Oh my.  How did this happen?  Try to take something out and the girl will know that it’s missing!  She just sleeps with her pillow, one blanket on top of her, and usually one animal(she’s not partial to one – changes it up each night) even though she is surrounded by a multitude of animals/blankets.  Another different thing about Sloan, she likes to have her “baby blanket” (it never got a nickname in our house, just “baby blanket”) cover her face.  She says “soft side” and we cover her face with her blanket (on the soft side) before walking out her room.  Daddy gets the final tuck in with Sloan while I usually get the final tuck in with the boys.  Isn’t that funny?  Not something that we have ever discussed or planned but just the way it has been.

Look for Sloan on the next episode of Hoarders!

Sloan and her “soft side” – btw, this is NOT like her momma…the thought of something covering my face like that…umm, no thank you!

Good night my sweet angels. Momma loves you.

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pyjammy pam said...

sweet! that's awesome that they each have their own room. i don't think my codependent children would deal well with that.

love that you made up a song about Cane's. ha!

Multiples Mom said...

I love this post. It is so great that they each have their own very special bedtime routines. It was fun to read about their different personalities and preferences, right down to the bedding and choice of songs. That is so much fun! Thank you for linking to Multiples Monday on Capri + 3.

: 0 ) Theresa

waiting said...

Love this post! When Sloan gets a little older, can Kemper and I kidnap her and take her to get coffee, manis and pedis, and to see girl movies? LOL! I LOVE her mad face! Too funny!