A Daddy Day

We had lots of love to give to our daddy today especially since it was not only Father's day but also his birthday!  The day began with donuts with daddy at church.  It is a minor miracle to get us all to church on time (which happens rarely), but to get us there even earlier for donuts...well, we managed but just without pictures.  Here are a couple of pictures after church of the kids lovin' on daddy.

IMG_1227Fathers Day 2012
Rocco - blue
Madden - orange
Jagger - green

IMG_1231Daddy and his baby girl

IMG_1233Rocco giving kisses in a rather unconventional way ;)

Earlier this week, I brought the kids to the dollar store to let the kids pick out their own gifts for Nick.  They were so excited to "shop for daddy" and it was so cool (and very comical) to see their little personalities shine through the experience.  They each had a basket and loaded it up...literally.  Before we went through the checkout line, I had to assist them with narrowing down their selection to their favorites.  I put back things like tupperware, a toy story puzzle, 6 water bottles (the same size and color), a bag of marshmallows, and even a can of pumpkin pie filling.  They also picked out their own father's day card.  Given that they can't read (just in case I had to point that out), they really did pick out cards that suited them (or the gift - in Jagger's case.)

I had to do some major distraction and redirection to get the kids to forget about the gifts that night, but once I had them out-of-sight, they were out-of-mind.  For that reason, I waited until today after naps, to let the kids help wrap and "sign" their cards before we gave them to daddy. Here's the rundown...

Rocco - bought daddy ALL candy.  A bag of tootsie rolls, a snack pack of Snicker bars, Warheads sour candy, and mini Hersey's.  I think Rocco knows that the quickest way to daddy's heart is with candy...which is also is the quickest way to Rocco's.  All that is missing, Rocco, is a bag of Skittles.  BUT Daddy was very impressed and also very pleased. Rocco's card that he chose had a sweet puppy on it saying "Thanks" and "You're the best!" (Rocco is a big animal lover.)




Madden - There wasn't much narrowing down his choices.  I guess everything he picked out was JUST what daddy needed.  He ended up with a stuffed dolphin(which he said his daddy was going to sleep with), a bag of ring pops, a rubber frog with orange gook in it, a bag of gummies, and a light up yo-yo. Nice Madden.  Daddy liked the variety, buddy.  His card was probably my favorite...had a picture of a daddy and baby goat on the front and said "Happy Father's Day from your weird kid."  :)




Jagger - Ugh...this dude was the hardest to get to forget about his "gift for daddy."  He ended up choosing a small tonka truck, pez candy dispenser, and a green...ummm...plastic...ummm...chalice?  Ha!  I guess you could call it that.  I guess the gift made his card sort of appropriate because it said something about watching TV and drinking beer! You gave daddy a good laugh, Jagger. 




Sloan - So this was probably the most thought-out shopping trip.  She didn't just load up her basket like the boys...she was careful in choosing her gifts.  I didn't have to sort through her basket as she only  picked two things.  A box of strawberry pop-tarts --which her Daddy eats almost every day of his life (well he likes chocolate, but she was sold on Strawberry only!) and also a very strategic gift, I think...a small porcelain cat.  This girl LOVES kitty cats and I think she would like her daddy to return the favor ;) Smart, Sloanie, very smart. Oh, and her card, a daddy and daughter...can you guess?...kitty cat!




Group hug...


Then we went to visit Grandaddy and Big Pop and wish them a Happy Father's Day.  Two of the greatest fathers anyone could ask for...

IMG_13353 generations of Lambes

With Big Pop (and one of my new favorite pics!)

Not quite finished...

Tonight we had a birthday celebration for Nick and for my niece, Rylee, who will be 9 tomorrow. 

Rylee was so cute when she would open her presents, she would let out a high-pitched squeal. I love this picture of her unwrapping and 3 of the big boys behind her anticipating the squeal!

IMG_1346Nate, Griffin & Jude

The cake choices...



IMG_1358I'd say Sloan enjoyed her cake

IMG_1360Put a smile on Madden's face too!

IMG_1356The birthday peeps, 9 and 39 never looked so good!
Happy Birthday Rylee!

Happy Father's Day and Birthday Nick! I love you!

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That looks like it was a great Father's Day. Please link it to Multiples Monday so that everyone can enjoy the cute photos.

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