Beach Bums 2012

We’ve been home a few weeks from our vacation to the beach, and what a great time we had!  This year we met Grandmama, Grandaddy, Aunt Lynn, Uncle Phil, Seth, Uncle Tim, Aunt Jennifer and Sydney in Sea Grove, Florida.  This is our third trip with the kids to the beach, and each year they enjoy it more and more….to be expected, I guess, but we didn’t do much else but PLAY on the beach this year.  I used my phone for most of these pictures. 


IMG_1214Beautiful view :)

IMG_1217Madden, Rocco, Jagger & Sloan

The water was beautiful!

IMG_1205Daddy with Madden & Sloan


IMG_1211       Big cousin Seth with Jagger                          Aunt Lynn with Rocco

IMG_1243Grandmama enjoyed the beach too

IMG_1254Cousin Sydney and the boys (J, M & R) having fun with the waves

It was awesome because there was this HUGE sandbar right in front of our condo.  The kids could play and enjoy the water ankle/shin deep which allowed momma and daddy to relax just a bit.

Jagger & Madden


Rocco catching some waves

Jagger & Rocco

Madden & Sloan – these two have been quite the pair lately

Jagger – Love that smile!

And it wasn’t just the water that they loved.  Oh the sand…they could’ve played in the sand forEVER.  I must admit I’ve never been a huge fan of lounging, playing or being buried in the sand…but seeing their excitement about it and hearing “mommy, come play with us!”, of course I had to join in too. 



Daddy & Jagger

Sloan loved playing with the seaweed!

In the evenings, we would walk the beach and go crab hunting.  Not much luck finding crabs, but still a good time.

IMG_1627“Look what I found momma!” – Rocco

IMG_1628“My dress is wet!” – Sloan

IMG_1638Not to get in the water - a little too much to ask of Jagger!

Sweet Madden

Summer 2012

We also took the kids to the pool a couple of times so they could practice their new swimming skils, and I got to put my birthday present to use -  my new Lifeproof iphone case.  Love it! Check out these underwater shots…
(Disclaimer:  I should’ve picked a day the boys weren’t dressed alike to do these shots…underwater pics proved to be a bit tough for me in deciphering who’s who…think I got it though!) 




IMG_1354Sloanie girl

More random shots…

IMG_1595Watching a little TV before bedtime


Bedtime story…
This was the first time the kids have EVER slept at night and were not contained in either a crib or the peapods we used for traveling.  I was sort of worried, but they did good.  Took a little while with a few warnings for them to settle down and fall asleep(they are also not used to sleeping in the same room) but they eventually did and slept all night!

And the last night we took the kids out on the town.  Out for dinner, carousel ride, and some ice cream too!

IMG_1381Jagger, Sloan, Rocco & Madden

IMG_1384Couldn’t even take a break from their ice cream for a picture – lol!

We had a great time with the Lambes – we just don’t get together often enough!  Click here for a sneak preview of our professional photo shoot on the beach.  I can’t wait to see more!

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Jenn K said...

The first picture with Nick and the kids is absolutely gorgeous. The clouds and the water are awesome...not to mention the kids and your cool hubby.

I also love seeing your pretty face in the pictures, the bedtime story picture is sooooo sweet - love those moments.

Love you Lambe family.