Haircut 101

Imagine this…4 hair cuts, $70, every 6-7 weeks (especially for the boys, Sloan can definitely go longer.)  Yes, I know…I could get a cheaper haircut somewhere but we were really paying a little extra for the convenience of going to a salon with a playroom for the others while they waited their turn.  I really started thinking about this and how this would add up over the years.  Could I cut their hair? It really is laughable, but I kept thinking….maybe?  Then, my mom’s stylist (SHOUT OUT to Jeffrey at Renaissance Salon in Baton Rouge) told her that he would give me a little haircut lesson and that he was sure I would have no problem with it.  How nice is that?!?  So off we went  with Jagger yesterday for my lesson.   Jeffrey was so great!  He really took his time demonstrating the perfect haircut for me! 

So Jagger got the professional haircut.  That means Rocco and Madden would be my guinea pigs…oh my.  It’s just hair, right?  Here goes…

Rocco – before

Madden – before

First Cut. No turning back now!

Can I just say I have a whole new appreciation for stylists and their chasing method they have to use with kids! So so hard.

Madden’s turn – notice my concentration :)

He really did sit still much better than Rocco did

He even sat still for the clippers

Rocco’s finished look – Don’t look too close!  Remember this was my very first time and I could have done more with him, but I guess I was a little slow because he was just OVER IT!

Madden’s do.  Maybe a little better?!?

Nothing a little product can’t fix!

So I think I’m ready for this challenge.  I will try this.  But I promise you boys, momma will not let you walk around all gapped up just to save a few bucks.  I will get better!



Rocco’s Road Rash

Oh how could it be that my sweet Rocco woke up this morning looking like this…


And then I put him to bed looking like this…


This afternoon he took a spill down two brick stairs. Ugh…if only we could put them in a bubble ;) They are all SO active these days. It’s so much fun to watch them develop and get better at simple things each day. Running is now a favorite.


Madden chasing Jagger

I actually held my breath on this one! He ran off the brick path…didn’t miss a beat. Phew!

They are getting to be little daredevils. Jagger is probably the biggest one, but they all test the waters. They love finding new spaces to crawl into, new things to climb…really, you can’t take your eyes off of them!

Rocco - “Oops…busted!”

Oh and wrestling. I really do love it. I love seeing them laugh with one another. We’ve always rough-housed with them a bit, but now they are starting to do it with one another. It’s so much fun!

Madden, Rocco and Sloan watching the big boys

And by big boys…I mean the real big boys too!

Now I wonder where they get their ideas from? Hmmm…

Lots of laughs and fun and a couple of bumps and bruises along the way…guess that’s just the life a an almost 2-year-old! Speaking of, 2nd birthday party planning is in full effect (can you believe their birthday is just 3 weeks from today!) I’m so excited to celebrate, but really can’t believe it’s been ANOTHER year! Here’s a little hint for our theme this year ;)


So fun!



No Work Zone

Until Monday anyway.  I’m excited to say that Monday will begin the official building phase of our forever home!  That’s right…the workers are coming to start forming up.  Yay! So from this point on, there will be decisions, decisions, and more decisions…or so I hear.  We are so excited and feel so blessed to be able to do this for our family. 

Today was actually warm enough to go outside, and  I thought it was a good idea to get pictures of the kids on our future homestead before construction begins.  So we put on our rubber boots and went exploring.

Sloan – “C’mon guys, hurry up!”

Sloan was not digging the mud on her pretty pink boots!

Rocco and Madden – boys really do LOVE dirt don’t they?!?

Jagger sampling his very first mud pie  - ewww!

Hard to believe that this time next year – they’ll be standing on our front porch!!

I love this one!

Also, I remembered our friend Chad took some pictures of the babies on our property (before it was cleared) when they were 9  months old.   I found this one…

Who ARE those babies?  Ugh.  How fast.  Sigh. 



Game On!

Tonight - Cotton Bowl 2011 – LSU vs. Texas A& M (our team vs. the Steece’s team) I couldn’t resist a little friendly competition with our quad buddies. 

IMG_8303Our Fighting Tigers (Madden, Sloan, Jagger, and Rocco)


I do believe the CUTEST Aggies I’ve ever seen! (Savannah, Ethan, Andrew and Ben)

May the best team win! (and if the Aggies win that’ll be okay too ;))

GEAUX Tigers!



Bedtime Giggles

It’s after they are fed and scrubbed, they are at their friskiest.  Our MOST favorite time of the day…



IMG_8232Funny how each boy was grabbing or going for their foot in each of the first 3 pictures. Smile


IMG_8236So tickled!

IMG_8238Too cool Jagger

IMG_8246Silly Madman

They love to climb on their daddy!
(and sometimes daddy gets hurt! haha!)

IMG_8254Sweet Rocco (Nick’s legs NOT mine Winking smile)

IMG_8261The boys are rowdier than Sloan (at night) but she gets in on some action too!

IMG_8269And no…Sloan is not wearing makeup – she does have a shiner.  She had a round with the coffee table and lost! Poor girl – I never imagined the first black eye would be Sloanie’s. 

Climbing on Daddy again

We are SO gonna miss this!!!!



Top 10 of ‘10

I was trying to pick my favorite picture of 2010 and then I saw this on someone else’s blog and thought it might be easier and more fun to pick 10.  I still had trouble.  But here are our picks…

IMG_4216First group bubble bath

RocBunnyRocBunny on Easter Sunday

IMG_5885Me and my four little loves

IMG_5900First trip to the beach

IMG_6391Sloan painting with pudding

IMG_64833 boys, 3 smiles, a couple of sticks and some dog poop

FamilyIn the front yard of the kids’ first home

HalloweenHalloween – our 4 little rockstars

IMG_7620Madman and his daddy

ChristmasWe wish you a Merry Christmas!!

Hope to have just as many (or more) great memories captured in 2011!