With Honors

The kids “graduated” from their early intervention program this week.  Okay, so I added the “with honors” part myself, but I am seriously so proud of them!  Early Steps is a service for families of infants – toddlers up to 3 years old that have developmental delays.  Being preemies, they all qualified for physical and occupational therapy and have been receiving it for the last two years.  And within the last 9 months or so, the boys have also been receiving speech therapy.  In the beginning their therapies were about twice a week and have slowly decreased as they have progressed and become more age appropriate in all of their skills.  They have done so well that all of our therapists agreed that they no longer need their services!  So awesome! 

We were blessed with some great therapists that have become and will always be friends of our family.  The kids have especially grown to love them – with all their fun songs, activities and toys.  It is a little bitter sweet to know that we won’t be seeing them on a regular basis anymore. 

IMG_9710Jagger with his speech therapist, Elizabeth

IMG_9717Danielle (PT), Sloan and Julie (OT)

IMG_9718Rocco and Candice (his and Madden’s speech therapist)

The whole gang, including our family service coordinator, Alicia

To Julie, Danielle, Candice, Elizabeth and Alicia – I can’t thank you enough for being so involved in our little one’s lives, for caring SO much and being so dedicated to helping them achieve their goals.  You are all AWESOME at what you do and are so great to work with.  You are a blessing to us and will always hold a special place in our hearts! Thanks so much!

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