A look into my iPhone

I’m following in the footsteps of some of my blogging buddies and posting my iPhone pics. What better way to remember all of the special (or not-so-special) moments in our day to day lives.  Who knows? This could become a regular blog post…I like the idea so much!  For now, I’ll save you the picture overload from going back to the beginning of my iPhone relationship and just post the last couple of months…

(my apologies for any repeats to my FB friends)

IMG_0438Cookies at Grandmama’s & Grandaddy’s

Leave work to find my window busted.  Nothing stolen and no foul play suspected.  I can think of a million and one things I’d rather spend $250 on! ugh.

Hide and Seek.  “I found you!”

IMG_0449Baby girl partied out but still not letting go of her balloon

Me with two of my favorite mommas Jac Tubre and Sandra Cochran -
having dinner at Tsunami’s with our hubbies

4 naked monkeys Smile – waiting on mommy to bring swim diapers and swimsuits

Rocco overcoming his fear of clowns…one Bozo at a time

Nick in the ATL airport with Ralph from Survivor – too bad it wasn’t Boston Rob ;)

Me on a weekend getaway to Destin with my BFF’s

Nick showing the boys the pretty rainbow

Popsicles on a hot summer day

Daddy reading to Missy ma’am – yes, she is shirtless and there is a bow in his hair.  She was about to take a bath, but I make no excuses for him!

Grandmama lovin’ on Madman (or the other way around – hmmm…)

The light fixtures are being hung!  We are getting SO close…YAY!

Furniture shopping!  Don’t worry, we could never do that color even though it’s pretty Winking smile

The kids watching their cousin Nate and his team win the championship game tonight! GO BEARS!!!

Boy, am I thankful for iPhones!  And videos?!? If it weren’t for my phone, sadly, I wouldn’t have very many!

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brent said...

I love the rainbow picture. You guys are wonderful parents and somehow seem to find the time to stop and smell the roses - even with the kids. Or I guess I should have said to sit and enjoy the rainbows. :)

Evab said...

I looooove seeing all your pics, not caring how many repeats there are! Those babies are miracles I love watching grow. Keep 'em coming!

waiting said...

Reid had so much fun today swimming with the older boys! He stayed up WAY past his naptime. We missed your babies! Rocco woke up just as we were leaving. I wish they could have played together:) Call us again some time...

Jac Tubre said...

Awesome post! LOVE the comment about Nick with a bow in his hair...the things men will do for their little girls :). Love y'all hope to see you soon and HAPPY BIRTHDAY Saturday!