Weekend Rewind

I thought I would share about our weekend in reverse just for fun.

The Quadfather with his munchkins on Father’s Day
(L to R: M, J, R)

The boys really had a good time playing on the couch tonight before baths and bed.  It's always fun to watch them be silly with one another.

"Hey guys, let's move the pillows!"

 (J, R, M)

This afternoon we swam but I have no pictures because with these four (and no floaties) it takes all hands on deck. We had a wonderful Father’s Day steak dinner (by G.G.) today after church. Speaking of church, today was the first Sunday we’ve been back that we didn’t have ANY tears when dropping the kids off at Sunday School. Oh yeah, that’s progress folks! Nick and I gave each other a little fist bump as we walked down the hall!

We had a nice morning with the kids getting ready for church and loving on our daddy.

Eight little hands helping daddy open his present

Oooh – pretty shirt daddy!

Sloan wanted to wear it
On Sunday mornings we are like a tag team. I get the kids dressed while Nick is getting ready and then he comes to the playroom tags me and I go get ready. While he was getting ready, I snapped some more pictures.

My attempt to get them to sit still for a group shot – it doesn’t last long!

LOVE this one, but look who’s on the move!

“It’s SOOO funny, Momma!”
Oh and how cute are these shirts that I recently got for the boys!? The sayings are so appropriate for each of them.
 Rocco – call me CHIEF!
Madden – RAD like DAD
Jagger – I run this TRIBE
They were really into reading their books this morning.

And found weird places to do it…

Outgrowing the ball pit too?

No pictures from yesterday, but last night, we got to visit with Grandmama and Grandaddy. And the kids spent the whole day and had a blast with Nanny Alicia and Mrs. Cindy. Since we were kidless for the day, Nick and I got to run some much needed errands for the house. Always feels good to get things done!
Friday was Nick’s birthday and we had CAKE!

Mmmm….Daddy’s favorite – cookie cake!
The kids had been practicing singing Happy Birthday all day.

Singing HBD
Here is a video of their performance. It really starts around 28 seconds but I didn’t know how to cut the beginning out.

Hope y’all had a great weekend! And of course Happy Father’s Day to all especially to our Daddy, Big Pop and Grandaddy!
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