Watch this guys!

This week the kids took swim lessons again.  Since their first lessons last year, they have always seemed pretty comfortable in the water, but I was still a bit unsure and anxious to see how they would do.  This year we decided to do private swim lessons at the house…well worth it when you have four!  First off, let me just say, at times I felt as though I was torturing the kids (no different that last year, I suppose)…the first mention of swimming with “Mr. Clay”, they went NUTS!  Like crazy nuts.  He would work with 2 at time for 40 minutes.  We couldn’t be outside but we did watch through the windows.  He was UH-mazing with them! They would cry through the whole lesson (not too bad, they really did settle down and by the last day there weren’t any tears for a couple of them!) but they did EVERYTHING he asked.  He was really pleased with their progress and boy, was I shocked, and frankly a little nervous, about how quickly they became VERY comfortable in the water.  I got a few video clips from today.  In these clips, they were just warming up.  By the time they were really “warm,” I had to put the phone down and get in! 

This is Rocco showing his skills…

Sloan first (she is in the pink Winking smile) and the Jagger.

Oh and I didn’t get Sloan coming up, but I assure you there was a smile on her face and she rarely takes in any water!

Rocco again – he was really active today, but I really liked Jagger splashing around in this one!

Madden is the least likely to jump in and take off on his own, but he will do it!  I thought this was funny of him pretending he was going to jump…love that take off position!

Our summer days are going to be very active!  Whew! I’m already tired.  But it is so much fun and I am so proud of them!

We also want to remember and honor all of the men and women who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom.  Prayers and love to their families too.  To the men and the women that are still serving, THANK YOU…

IMG_9683-1“This pop’s for you!”

Happy Memorial Day!  Blessings to you and your families!

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waiting said...

Reid just watched these about 5 times each! I am cracking up at the one where your Dad says to Sloan, "Hard Head". Hilarious! We say that a lot around here!

Jac Tubre said...

As usual, awesome post and super precious babies!!

Charity Donovan said...

That is amazing! They are doing AWESOME!!!! They are so stinkin' adorable!!!!