Happy Momma’s Day :)

This is how my day started…
That’s right.  Nick let me sleep in!  Believe it or not, Madden out-slept me by thirty minutes.  13 1/2 hours - those little boogers can sleep!  After breakfast, we played upstairs for a bit.
photo(10)The kids giving me a card
LOVE LOVE LOVE my necklace from Nick and the kids!
Then we went to the park to spend the day with my mom and extended family.  The kids had a blast.
IMG_9533Rocco is not a big fan of slides yet, tunnels are more his thing Winking smile
IMG_9556Looks like fun guys…haha!
IMG_9572Hiking with daddy
“Ready for our picnic lunch momma!” (J, R, M)
My sweet baby girl!
Momma & Me…yeah, she’s pretty terrific!
Then we headed back to the house for our long overdue nap.  Ahhh…there’s nothing like a Sunday nap!  Nick took the only pic of the day of me with all four right before our nap.
photo(7)Such a blessing to me…these monkeys are!
Just for kicks, here’s another video message from our little ones…
Happy Mother’s Day and Happy Easter Bunny too! Smile
P.S.  HUGE thanks to Jennisa of Once Upon a Blog Design Shoppe for setting us up with our new blog design and layout!  We LOVE it, hope you do too!

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Charity Donovan said...

So glad you had a wonderful day! I LOVE the new design of the blog! Adorable!!! =)