And the award goes to…

When the babies (because they will always be babies to me) were really babies, I can remember we use to joke each night and award a “best baby award,” with criteria being sleeping the most, crying the least, and eating the best.  No, it wasn’t an actual award of course, but it just might have earned them an extra squeeze that night Winking smile

Each of their personalities are SO different and certainly have evolved since then.  And since I believe that they might change over the next 10 years, I thought it would be fun to write down some baby superlatives at age 2.  I jotted my answers down and then quizzed Nick to see if we had any differences and surprisingly there were a few.  So on those, I put my answer in pink and Nick’s in blue.

And the award goes to…

  • Most TalkativeJagger & Sloan both very chatty.
  • Best Sleeper – Sloan.  God love her – she must be just like me because the girl can sleep (in her bed) anytime of the day
  • Best Eater – Madden.  Don’t get me wrong, Rocco, Jagger & Sloan can all put away a meal from time to time, but Madden, by far, is the most consistent eater not to mention the smallest…go figure!
  • Biggest Clown – Jagger.  This dude keeps us in stitches all the time and you can tell he feeds off the laughs.  Lord help us!
  • Biggest Cuddle Bug – Rocco.  He’s always willing and ready to give a hug!
  • Best Smile/Laugh – Madden.  Seriously melts my heart EVERY time!
  • Biggest HelperSloan & Rocco. I really was torn on this.  Sloan likes being the little mama and feeling like a big girl…so in that sense, she helps.  BUT Rocco is very helpful with picking up toys.
  • Biggest Daredevil – Jagger.  NO. FEAR.
  • Most Fearful – Rocco.  Clowns, coin operated rides, lizards, bunny ears, strangers.  Aw…poor buddy.
  • Most like DaddyMadden & Jagger.  This was kind of hard for both of us.
  • Most like Momma – Sloan. 
  • Biggest Charmer – Madden.  Must be the smile :)
  • Friendliest -  Jagger.
  • Most Independent – Sloan.  The girl loves to do her own thing!
  • Easiest to tell apart (of the boys, of course!  Sidenote:  I always get crazy/funny comments, but I recently received one about how impressed she was that I can tell them apart, “especially the boys!” – ha! are you kidding me!?!) Rocco.  It’s really not a problem for either of us, but Rocco is always so obvious.  His full face I guess.
  • Most shySloan & Rocco.  Sloan is usually the last to warm up to someone and I especially notice the difference when I take her somewhere by herself compared to when I take one of the boys, she will cling to me more than any one of them will. 

We are so humbled that God chose us to be the parents of these four precious beings.  It is with the greatest joy that we watch them develop and grow every day! We love these little boogers more than we ever imagined possible!  

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