Viability Babies!

Today makes 24 weeks which is considered viability! This means that if our babies were born today, they would now have a chance of survival. Obviously this is not our goal but just a big milestone in this amazing journey. We thank you for your prayers and know that they have helped us get this far!




jag said...

This IS such a milestone! It really made my day!

Tubre Quads said...

Woohoo for viability day! I remember mine well...I was in the hospital...you are doing SOOOOO well! Can't wait to hear about Tuesday's doctors appointment. You never should have told us you have 2 weekly appointments because now we expect bi-weekly blog updates :)

Love ya!

Misty said...

Yahooo!!!!! And Congratulations! This is such a huge milestone! I'm so happy for you. I know my stress level went down so much when we hit this.
You are doing so awesome!

Moni Graf said...

I think you should celebrate with a big ol bowl of the richest ice cream around (sprinkled with protein powder, peanuts and anything else you want)! Give those babies a FEAST for behaving so well and staying put.

Then, you need to find a heated pool and float all your worries and stress away! It's a truly mind-blowing experience that most people wouldn't have a sufficient excuse to imbibe in such pleasures....but you've earned EVERY candy sprinkle and pool floaty that it would take!

Take it easy, Kami and keep up that eating! You're doing great!

Love from KS,

The Carlsons said...

woo hoo! praying that you have another 10w left :) 'cmon, we're shootin' for 34w babies!!

thanks for the comments on our blog! we are happy that we were able to meet you and nick! i hope we didn't over do it for you two ;) please, let us know if you want to meet again, have any other questions or need anything else from us! seriously!!

praying all your appts go well!
-fellow quad mom of GGGG and a 4.5yo boy

Amy said...

yay! praying that those babies stay cooking for many many more weeks
Amy (in BR)

fourbabies4us said...

I remember the feeling when I hit 24 weeks. I breathed a very small sigh of relief...
Onward darlin! You're doing great!

Cochran Quads said...

Congrats!!! That was a great day for me as well!! So happy for you and your family!! Keep on Rocking Out Mommy!!!
Love and Prayers from Mississippi!!!