Unbelievable...no, Undeniable!

Hi! You would think that I would have more time to post updates, but for some reason the days seem to pass so fast here...which is a good thing! I will try to do better! As I mentioned in the previous post, the residents do a daily ultrasound to check the heart rates of all the babies...so far they have all been normal. They have also ordered a Biophysical Profile (BPP) twice a week. This is an ultrasound that gives a score to each of the babies. Two points are given for adequate fluid, big movements, small movements and breathing motions. A passing grade is 6 out of 8 with a max of 8 out of 8. I am pleased to announce that all of our babies have passed with flying colors on their last two BPPs...all receiving 8 out of 8! We are so proud!

Also, yesterday I had a surprise visit! They offer pet therapy here at the hospital. This is where trained dogs go around and visit paitents to lift their spirits. As soon as I heard about this, I had to put my name on the list. I still miss my dogs so much and it would just be so nice to love on someone else's. My visitor was 110 pound Nietzsche, a giant Schnouzer and standard Poodle mix...or a Schnoodle. He was awesome! He just came on in and put his front paws on the end of my bed and just let me love him. After a few minutes, he decided he wasn't quite comfortable enough and jumped up so that his entire body was on the foot of my bed! What a nice treat on a Sunday afternoon! Here is a pic from our visit.

As most of you know, early on in our pregnancy (8 weeks to be exact) we were diagnosed with having a untypical complication with two of the babies. First, we were told that 3 of the babies were identical which means they share a placenta or a chorion(outer sac). There is danger in this because all 3 babies would be competing for their own nutrients, fluid and oxygen. Even more dangerous, 2 of the 3 babies shared an amniotic sac(inner sac). As those two babies get bigger, the chance of a cord accident is extremely high and could happen in an instant. So not only did we have the normal complications that go along with a quadruplet pregnancy but we also have these other added risks. We have been specific in our prayers regarding these issues and been so blessed up to this point to not have any of these issues arise.

Last Monday, we had our growth ultrasound done. I believe Nick posted the babies' measurements for you. What we left out because we were waiting for confirmation from a doctor was that the ultrasound tech, Tara, was quite certain she saw a membrane between baby c & d....meaning they would each have their own inner sac. These are the same two babies that were diagnosed at 8 weeks as being monoamniotic twins. She tried to get the doctor on call to come in a view with his own eyes but he was in surgery...so she took lots of pictures to show him later. We had two more ultrasounds later in the week to figure out if what we were seeing was really a membrane! Finally on Thursday, Dr. Clewell scanned me and said that we definitely have all four babies with their own amniotic sac! This means the chance of a cord accident between each other are zero. What a relief! Praise and glory be to God!

When we found out, all I kept thinking was "unbelievable, unbeliveable, this is unbelievable!" but then when I really thought about it, I decided that this news is NOT unbeilievable. It is very much believable. Believable because of who my God is and how He is so faithful and how He answers prayers. I think the better term is "Undeniable!" He is undeniable. Throughout this whole pregnancy, it has been undeniable that He has been in control and at work. We thank you so much for being so faithful in your prayers and hope that you are as blessed as we are to see the power of prayer!

Kami (27 weeks 1 day today!)


jag said...

This is WONDERFUL! God is GREAT!

The Price Family Five said...

That is such AWESOME news! I have been wanting to post a note and just now figured it out. I am a little slow. Know that the Price family is continually lifting you all up in prayer. God continues to show Himself mighty all the time! Thank you for sharing your wonderful and God-sized journey with all of us. Your testimony is wonderful!

Kylie said...

What wonderful news! Praise be to God for His answer to your specific prayer. Sounds like you are doing great. I'm continuing to pray for your health and the babies for as many more weeks as you can get! :)

Pam said...

that is so wonderful! we were worried that two of our boys were monoamniotic as well, and didn't find the membrane until 22 weeks, so i understand somewhat your joy. :) hooray!

Anonymous said...

Gald to hear that you and babies are doing well..keep them cooking as long as you can..
My boys(triplets b&c)are identical and also shared an outter sac with two seperate inner sacs( very fine membrane seperating them from twin to twin transfusion).

Barrett & Jen said...

I don't have quads but have been following your blog. I am happy to see that all of you :o) are doing so well! Congrats!

Four babies 4 us said...

What a relief!!!! That takes a TON of anxiety out of the mix! God is definitely performing miracles every day.
Two of my 4 are also identical and it looked as though they were mono/mono until the 17th week. I have never been so glad to see a membrane in my life. You are going to continue to do GREAT!
Prayers coming your way from Utah!

The Carlsons said...

praise God!!! that is huge and awesome news! God is definitely watching over those kiddos of yours. how amazing He is!!

hope your stay in Good Sam is going well. those bpp's were fun (sarcasm ;) ). i just say that because i remember them putting me on my head during one so they could see suzan at the bottom. she was being a stinker and the u/s tech couldn't get a good look/measurement on her. but it is always fun to have an u/s and see the babes!!

continuing to pray for you all!
-fellow quad mom of GGGG and a 4.5yo boy

Jenny said...

awesome! God does amazing things!:) Keep up the baby cooking!!!:)


Nicole said...

Guys, Watson's buddy Parnell here. I am just now finding out about your four little blessings. What a time for you, and what good news recently. As a parent of twins, we know the added joys of having multiples. Your little lambes will go to the top of our prayer list.

Jamie said...


I just want to tell you how much I love reading your blog! It makes me laugh, smile and want to cry at times. I'm so glad all is going well and I'm genuinely, happy for you! It is not only the updates that are awesome, but the faith you show in God! It is truly encouraging!


Ian and Katie B said...

All good news! Still praying for you!

Tubre Quads said...

Great news! Thanks for the call and texts last week. I love hearing how you are doing. If there is anything you need from home once Nick gets there, just say the word!


Amber said...

Undeniable is the perfect description! What wonderful news! Keep up the good work.