A new "home"

BEEP!...Kami's husband here. Kami can't come to the internet right now because there are no cards available at the hospital right now. I'll cut to the chase...after taking a 24-hour sample, the doctors found that Kami has some protein in her urine which means she has mild preeclampsia. Preeclampsia can progress and lead to delivery; the doctors are not saying this will happen but it's just a fact we've known all along. Kami was also told that she'll be in the hospital for the duration of the pregnancy.

Needless to say this has been a very emotional day for Kami. In her words, "the babies are doing well but now I'm not". Please pray that her body will hold up and that the preeclampsia will not progress. Besides the news today, she is feeling fine. She's still able to move around as necessary and doesn't have any other pains. She still has a positive attitude and we know that God is in control!

Speaking of the babies doing well, the techs did the growth ultrasound today. Everybody looked good - fluids, heartbeats, etc. As you can see below, they're all measuring very close to one another:

Sloan (Baby A): 1 lb 15 oz - 26 weeks 0 days
Baby B: 1 lb 13 oz - 25 weeks 6 days
Baby C: 1 lb 11 oz - 25 weeks 5 days
Baby D: 1 lb 11 oz - 25 weeks 4 days

One of today's highlights was that fellow HOM mom Kami Crisanti and her mom came by to meet my Kami today. Not only do they have the same name and spelling in common, but my Kami is in the same room as Kami Crisanti was in! How 'bout them apples?

Big Pop is AZ bound tomorrow. I'm a little jealous because he gets to see his wife before I do. There's been plenty of "man jokes" going around while we've been bachelors though! I will get to see her soon though.

I love you Kami Shea!!
- Nick


jag said...

I'm so happy the Kamis met! What fun! I know the preeclampsia must be frustrating and fightening and I will pray for you guys. On a happier note, the sizes being so close together must be a really good thing! Hooray!

Tiffany said...

Im keeping you all in my prayers!

Tubre Quads said...

Hey Girl! I am so sorry I missed your call last night. My crew is sick and I was elbow deep in Doodle snot, fussing and I was nibbling on her butt (put that last one on there just for you). See what you have to look forward too :)

I was praying that that ole nasty Preeclamsia wouldn't find you, but the good news is that it can drag on for weeks and may not ever be a reason for delivery. Doesn't sound much like good news, but I promise it is. So I will be praying for very slow progression of the Jerk (Preeclamsia that is) and very quick growth for the little Lambes.

Please call me back anytime today...I promise I will answer!

Love ya,

Pam said...

hang in there...i had my boys (only, you know, triplets) due to preeclampsia too. but it was very slow progressing, so hopefully yours will be too. it is an awful feeling knowing your body is giving out before the babies are ready to come out.

sounds like they're doing great, by the way. fantastic!

Misty said...

Glad you met Kami. I know how much it helped me meeting other quad moms while I was expecting. Glad to hear all of the babies are doing well. Hang in the Kami, I know it is tough & the preeclampsia sounds scary, but just have faith and think positively. It was the best advice I got!
Take care,

Kylie said...

I'm so sorry about the preeclampsia... please know that lots and lots of people are praying for you (even strangers like me!)... for the babies to continue to grow and thrive and for you to stay healthy until their delivery. I'm asking God for the delivery to be a long time from now!

Andria said...

Aww. Praying for Kami! It must be emotional knowing you now won't leave the hospital without having had your babies delivered. I'm sure Kami is scared and feels helpless. Let everyone take care of you Kami! I think it is awesome that fellow quad mom can be there too for support! What a connection!

Keeping everyone in my thoughts from California!

Moni Graf said...

Don't worry, babe....you're in the last leg of this pregnancy journey (for at least another 2 months!). I remember having to be admitted to the hospital for the long haul at 27 weeks. It was a downer, but at the same time was exciting to think I wouldn't leave until those babies were born.

Did you get the luxury suite on 5B? That was my room (I think #11). Pretty nice setup, but the bathroom needs to be remodeled to accomodate a mama preggo with quads! Kind of a tight squeeze with all that belly!

Also wondering if you've had the sono tech, Olava. She was FANTASTIC and will never know how much we appreciated her. If you do see her, please tell her the Graf Quads said "hi" and we think of her often.

Anyway....you've got lotsa prayers headed your way to keep the preeclampsia at bay and for Nick's safe travels. You're doing great and I'm so excited for you.


Ian and Katie B said...

Love you guys! Kami- you can do it, with the Lord's help. Stay in the Word and keep your eye on the prize- those four beautiful babies!!

The Carlsons said...

oh that pre-e stinks! i know kami's my pregnant quad mama and all but she doesn't have to be THAT close of a twin to me, e.g. having pre-e too ;) seriously, praying that the pre-e is the slow-moving kind that i had. i got it at 28wk and then spent 4wk in the hospital, stable with it, until i delivered (and only delivered because suzan popped her H2O).

like moni i was up on the 5th floor, antepartum. i believe room 511 and 512. those are some okay rooms. not as glamorous as l&d but do'able.

always praying for kami and the babies! keep up the great cookin' kami! you are doing awesome!!

-fellow quad mom of GGGG and a 4.5yo boy

Kami Lambe said...

I have been in labor and delivery, but they talked about moving me to the 5th floor soon. Moni- I will try and request Room 511!

Stephanie said...

I'm new to your blog, and just wanted to say hello and send my prayers your way!
I have followed some of the other HOM blogs for a while!
Prayers from Katy, TX are headed your way for safe travels and healthy babies!!