It's me...from Hotel Good Sam!

I'm back online....thanks to the wonderful staff here at Good Sam. I have missed getting and sending updates, but I think Nick did a great job on his posts. First of all, I will say that we are doing just fine. I was admitted for mild preeclampsia...had a some protein in my urine. As I understand it, once you get it...it is very unlikely they will send you home before delivering the babies. Preeclampsia can progress pretty fast or it can stay in a "mild" form for weeks. We are praying for the latter! I'm actually okay being here for the long haul. I can understand it when other moms say, "better to stay home as long as possible!" and of course I would rather not have a reason to be here. But, the condo in Scottsdale, as nice as it is....it is not home to me either. So I might as well be here, where me and the babies are being monitored daily. It's actually a little more comfortable for me. I can get out of the bed and tub much easier. I am actually on the labor & delivery floor. They talked about moving me to antepartum where the patients are less critical but of course still monitored. I would just prefer to stay here, the rooms are much bigger. I think the final word is that they will keep me in this room as long as they don't need it for a more critical patient. A typical day here for me (at least for the past 3 days) goes a little something like this:
7a-8a : wake up
8a-9a : breakfast delivered, monitor 1 hour for contractions
9a-10a : 1st (30 minutes or so) session of hydrotherapy...they take me to a giant tub where I can float, relax, etc. This is been proven very good for blood flow, swelling, blood pressure and babies growth. I also get to bathe here!
10a-10:30: mid-morning snack delivered, usually a resident/dr. comes in to speak with me and check on me
11a-12p: another resident pops in to do an in-room ultrasound to check the babies heart rates. Yes, I get to see them on the screen everyday now!
1p-2p: Lunch delivered
2p-5p: I usually find time to take a nap sometime in these hours, another dr. check in visit, afternoon snack
6p-8p: 2nd session of hydrotherapy, supper delivered, monitor 1 hour for contractions, settle in for night TV...LOST, American Idol and whatever else gets my attention...the Bachelor too!

Throughout the day, my blood pressure is being taken hourly. Nurses are checking on me, bringing me my scheduled medicine (Motrin, prenatal vitamin, and baby aspirin.) Also on Tuesday, I received my first steroid shot and on yesterday the second. Dr. Elliott and his associates determined that this would be an optimum time to give the shot since we do not know how fast the preeclampsia will progress. The steroid shots helps to mature the babies lungs. It has the best effects on the babies beginning 48 hours after the first shot...which will be today at 3pm.

Steroid shot...lovely! I look as though I am in pain, but I am really not!

Before I got to Good Sam, most of my dr. visits have been with Dr. Elliott. In the hospital, it is whichever PPA doctor (his associates) is here that will check in with me. So far, I have been so impressed and pleased with all the doctors, residents and nurses. I do not have anything to complain about!

As for the babies, they are all doing wonderfully, growing together, hearts beating, moving around...it's still so amazing to see each time. As for me, I feel fine. Sure...I am slowing down a bit, a bit out of breath from getting out of bed and going to the restroom. But as for aches, pains, headaches, blurred vision...none of that here! Contractions are under control (with only Motrin) and my blood pressure is pretty stable(with no meds) Praise God again! My feet are a little puffy but the doctors aren't too concerned with that yet. Dr. Lam keeps saying..."well, I can still see your ankles so that is a good sign!"

Big Pop (my dad) is here! He arrived Tuesday evening and one of the first thing he was able to see was an ultrasound. This was his first one. He was all in the resident's grill...asking what is this, what is that! It was too funny. He is very excited and I am glad he got to be a part of it! Please pray for him though because he has been having a severe headache since last weekend. He has been to his doctor, the emergency rooms of Baton Rouge and Phoenix and still no test has shown anything to be wrong...they've just given him pain meds and sent him on his way.
Hello Daddy!
Look at him! He's all in it!

One of the goodies he brought with him....a King Cake straight from New Orleans! I love 'em! I joked and said I didn't know which I was happier to see..him or the cake! I have to say this is one of the best if not the BEST one I have ever had! Traveler's note***If you plan to fly with a King Cake, it must be an original...not a filled one. At least this is Southwest's rule.

Mmmmmm....a slice of home!

Last week I forgot to post my 25 week belly pic so here it is, and unfortunately I haven't taken one yet this week. Maybe next post!
One last thing, the King Family had their babies a few weeks ago at 25 weeks and are in need of all of our prayers. One of their sons, Preston, is now in kidney failure, and if his tiny kidneys do not start functioning correctly, the doctors have said that he will only make it 3 to 4 weeks at the most. Two of their other babies, Madelyn and Parker, underwent heart surgery Tuesday night. As of their last post, the surgery went well but both babies were still under anesthesia. I can't even imagine the pain they are feeling. Please keep them in your prayers and you can click on their link to keep up with their updates.




Stephanie said...

What a great update!
Glad to hear you are being taken care of so well! (and King cake will always cure a bad day!!)
I'm a southern girl too, and those are the best!
Glad you get to see those sweet babies everyday on the screen too!!
My prayers are with the King family..I have been following their blog for a while and am praying for a miracle!

Suzanne said...

hey woman! many prayers for you and the king family--and LOTS OF POSITIVE THOUGHTS!!! i was admitted with "mild preeclampsia" as well, and it never developed into anything worse! so hang in there. those steroid shots HURT! but do amazing things for the babies' lungs! you are doing GREAT and thanks for the update!

Charity Donovan said...

You are doing fabulous girlfriend! I LOVED hydrotherapy! It was the GREATEST thing ever!!!! Keep cookin' those babies!!! Huuuuugs from the Donovan Clan!!!

Andria said...

Love this post Kami! You make the hospital sound like a day at the Spa! I'm so glad you are well taken care of and you are comfortable, as best can be.

Keep baking those babies!


Hey Kami- Great update. Glad all is going well overall. Tomorrow we'll be up (Fri) around 11:00 if you are able to come over at that time....my mom will be there too. Sophie is supposed to come home tomorrow (if she behaves) so if it works out we'll be there....no pressure if not.
I'm glad you enjoy the hydro tub. It was so-so for me. I was just too swollen by the time I was using it that it was so hard to get in and out, etc....And you're right....the room you're at is far better (in my opinion) than the 5th floor. I was in the labor and deliv pods, anc rooms (where you're at now) and 5th floor. Anc room was my fav....plus I had my nurses I loved....etc.
Hang in there- you're doing FABULOUS!!!!! Kami

The Carlsons said...

hey my twin ;) happy to see you are bloggin' again!

you sound just like me a year ago...some pre-e but that was about it. it sounds like things are just plugging along nicely. praying you and the babies keep doing well! oh, and tell dr lam "hi" for us. he is the doc that delivered our quads.

take care and God bless!
-fellow quad mom of GGGG and a 4.5yo boy

The Carlsons said...

oh, and i love that cake. awesome! and your schedule looks just like mine did. man, do they feed you there! i felt like they were coming in every minute with "do you want a meal?" and "do you want a snack?" too funny! anything to pack on the pounds to the chillins :P

-fellow quad mom of GGGG and a 4.5yo boy

jag said...

You are SO CUTE! I'm a little jealous of 2 things: 1) the king cake 2) Your residents come to visit during normal waking hours. Mine usually came at like 6a.m.! They were kind and helpful, but 6 in the morning?! Come on! Hang in there girl! Praying for you...

Moni Graf said...

Hey Kami,
You definitely need to milk the LDR room for as long as possible! They are much bigger and nicer. But 5B had a pretty nice setup for me up there, too.

I loved the meal/snack time routine. I'm sure you've already talked to the dietician, but remember that you can get anything from the cafeteria brought up to you, too. My favs were the ginormous rice krispy treats, the Naked Juice (super good for you, too...they even have the extra protein flavors), and the nuts/trail mix packs. All you have to do is ask!

Last March, the Tubre's had a king cake shipped to us. It kind of looked like Mardi Gras threw up all over it, but it was mm-mm-good. The babies' breastmilk was probably 95% sugar after downing that thing!

Take care and you're looking great! Shoot me an email or give me a call if you ever have any questions that I might be able to answer, or if you get bored and just want someone to chat with. I can stick the kids in their cages for a few minutes!


Tubre Quads said...

I am patiently waiting, ok - maybe not so patiently waiting, for an update Missy! Of course resting and eating always comes first :)

Just wanted to let you know that I was thinking about you and we enjoyed the visit from your hubby the other day. I know you can't wait to have him there full time...he is SOOOO excited!


Richain said...

Heheh... I had king cake last week! It was delicious! Its one of those things from home that no one here in TX really understands. So glad to hear you are comfortable and I am jealous that you get to see those precious babies every day. I had an ultrasound at 8.5 weeks and one at 20 weeks and that has been it! I know he is in there moving around (because I can feel it) but its not the same. Keep those babies safe and rest up. You guys are in our prayers!

McDaniel Family said...

You are looking great. We are keeping you and the babies in our prayers. Thank you for the updates.