We Made It!

Well...we have officially been in Phoenix for 1 day. We flew in yesterday around 5pm. My mom and dad left on Friday (driving) and arrived yesterday morning. We are getting settled in our new 2 bedroom condo...which is very nice. Our condo is actually located in Scottsdale. The area is very nice...lots of cool shopping and restaurants. I don't think it has actually sunk in that this will be my home. I still feel as if I am on vacation and should be going back to BR in a few days. Here are some pics of our humble abode.

The front door - I think it's missing and LSU flag or something?!?

I took this standing at our front door - I won't have to waddle too far to go for a dip!

My dad feeling quite at home!

I had a really good last weekend at home. I was able to say goodbye and deliver Christmas presents to my nephews and niece since I won't be here for Christmas. Also, one of my very good friends was married this weekend. I was able to go to their beautiful wedding on Saturday and enjoy the company of my closest friends. It was a special day for them and I am grateful to have been a part of it! Congratulations Tiffany & Brad! Believe it or not the hardest part of the weekend was leaving my puppies at home. I've had Buddy since I was 17 and Lucy is my little girl. They bring me so much joy at home and I know that they will be fine, but I will really miss them! Here is a pic that Nick took right before we left (L to R: Buddy, me, Lucy.)
All of the goodbye's were difficult but I know they are not forever! The next time I see everyone, I will be one very proud mama of four little miracles. Thanks for your prayers for safe travel. My first appointment with Dr. Elliott is on Wednesday...I'm very excited to meet the QuadFather!



jag said...

Whew! I've been thinking of you guys. Glad you made it! Can't wait to hear how things progress. You're in my prayers.

:) Jenna (Mom to GBBB Quads)

Moni Graf said...

Way to geaux, Kami! It's a BIG step to take, but one that will be so worth it!

I remember crying the whole flight from Wichita to Dallas and then off and on during my Dallas to Phoenix flight. Such a hard transition to make in ANY circumstance...let alone when you're pregnant with quadlets!

Hope your appt with Dr E goes well. We'll be thinking of you. I don't think you'll be disappointed....he is a wonderful doctor and an even greater man. Send him some KS Graf love!


Tubre Quads said...

Glad you made it safe and sound! Isn't it a relief?

Sheesh, Kami and Nick...get an LSU flag on that door pronto! What the heck are you guys thinking over there. You MUST have jetlag :)

Please give the QuadGod, QuadFather, World's Most Awesome Perinatologist, Dr. Elliott a big hug from the Tubre clan. Tell him we are plotting on him and WILL make a trip to Phoenix within the next few years to hug his neck ourselves. I'm sure he would appreciate a big goober kiss that Emma loves to give :)

Now it's time to relax, rest, eat, drink, eat, drink, sleep, eat, drink, float in the pool, eat, sleep...I think you get my point! Take it easy girl and let me know if there is ANYTHING you want or need from the big BR. I will gladly send it to you or my parents will drop it by when they are in Phoenix in a few weeks.

Love yall,

Cammie said...

linked to your blog from another....saw we shared a name! Congrats on 4 babies!


YEAH.....You made it. Call/email us if you need anything. jkgobroncos@gmail.com (I'll give you my # if you email and want it)
I think my mom gave you hers already. We saw Dr E yesterday and told him we knew you were coming....and I was telling the nurses too while I was in the hospital. Let's hope they don't confuse us since our name spelling is the same - What office are you planning to go to? I go to the downtown/Phx one. Icky part of town...but the best.
Kami Crisanti

The Carlsons said...

ah, welcome to sunny AZ! where the weather is always perfect (um, maybe not in the summer when it's 115 ;) )

hope you are able to get settled in there in scottsdale. yes, there is lots of good shopping there...the fashion mall, the canal/river walk.

please, let me know if you need anything or would like to see/visit us - mariaecarlson{at}yahoo{dot}com. we are about a 30 to 45min drive from where you are.

hope your appt with dr e goes well tomorrow. you'll love him!

-fellow quad mom of GGGG and a 4yo boy

Katie B said...

Praying for you guys as you meet with your doctor today. Love you!

Ashley Brooke W said...

I have exciting news! I poled the kids in my class about a middle name for Jager! The choices were... Brad, Jack, Colby (a few others) and believe it or not .... the winner is NICHOLAS!
I hope all is well and don't forget if ya'll need anyone to "dog" sit... WE are here for you guys!

Ashley Whitehead

Robin said...

Hi Kami,
I'm a lurker, I hope you don't mind! I can't help but get excited for you as I read your blog. You are so blessed that you are in AZ and in the care of Dr. E. I will pray for your continued success of growing healthy babies!!

Cindy said...

Hey there,
This is the first picture I have seen of you in awhile, I have been on the road and haven't had a chance to check in here, you are looking so cute, I am glad to hear that things are going well with you and the babies. Keep up the good work and remember we will be praying for you and Nick and yes all the little lambes.

Take Care!
Cindy Rollinson