A Christmas Blessing

Today as we celebrate the birth of Christ, our Savior, I am overwhelmed with joy and hope. This is not our typical family-filled Christmas...and we do miss everyone, but I think we will look back on this Christmas as one of our most special and memorable Christmas celebrations ever. Today is also another reminder of how God has answered our prayers...in only a way that He could! I praise Him that He is allowing me to experience this!

Yesterday we had an ultrasound appointment...ultrasound only, no doctor visit. All the babies are still growing and doing wonderfully! Their fluid is still adequate and cords still look good. Also, my cervix still measured very long, 4.4cm. Here are the measurements from our 22 week 3 day visit.

Sloan - 1lb 2oz - 22wks 4dys
BabyB - 1lb 1oz - 21wks 6dys
BabyC - 15oz - 21wks 5dys
BabyD - 1lb 1oz - 22wks 3dys

As you can see from their measurements, none of the babies are more than 1 week apart. In detecting TTTS, they allow for at least a 2-3 week gap in measuremnets...no sign of TTTS here!!! Thank you Lord!

I've had a few people ask for belly pics. So here is the latest at 22 weeks.

Merry Christmas,



The Murray Crew said...

Praying and Cheerig you On! Merry Christmas from one quad mama to another!
Rest in Him,
The Crew

stevenson quads said...

Merry Christmas! THanks for the update- you look great!
Posting pics. on the blog right after I go and clean up the HUGE mess from today!
Megan :)

Annie said...

God is good and he is with you and your babies.

Merry Christmas!!!

waiting said...

Merry Christmas Kami and Nick! I pray that this Christmas (your last one alone!) was blessed. I know that you miss your families, but we are all praying for you and thinking of you here.

Kami, you look great! I am getting bigger by the day. I will have to e-mail you a pic!

Have a great weekend and New Year's with your hubby! Tell him that we said Hello!

We love and miss yall!
Lance, Amy, Wyatt and still unnamed baby

jag said...

Merry Christmas. Praying for you...

The Davidsons said...

We missed y'all! Christmas isn't the same without y'all...

Ian and Katie B said...

Praise God from whom all blessings flow!
You look amazing! Love you

Tubre Quads said...


Thanks for the update. The weights look great...Geaux babies! Keep on eating, drinking (water of course...you'll need the liquor when their about 15 months old so save it for then :)) and resting all you can. You're doing great!

Love ya,