Fifteen Week Visit

Our appointments today went really well. I will get right to the pictures.

Baby A (Singleton - face down)

Baby B (face down)

Baby D - I just realized they gave us two pictures of Baby D and none of Baby C, but I can assure you there is a Baby C. They were all very active!

Here is their growth chart. All the babies measured 4 ozs....which is right on track with their gestational age. We are thrilled that all the babies are measuring the same. They also looked at the babies' bladders, brains, spines, kidneys and all looked great...praise God! There were no fluid abnormalities and the doctor said they were developing just as they should be. We go back for another ultrasound in two weeks. We should definitely be able to find out the sexes then...if the babies will cooperate!

The doctors never fail to remind us of the extreme circumstances and very high risk nature of this pregnancy. We believe that every birth of a newborn is a miracle and is God's amazing creation...Nick and I view our circumstance as a another great potential for God to shine. It is our prayer that God will work in such a way that everyone involved...doctors, nurses, friends, family...will KNOW that HE is the only reason for the outcome and He will be praised and glorified because of it! Thanks for your continued prayers.

P.S. My work family threw a surprise shower for me a couple of weeks ago. I will be posting pics of the shower soon. Stay tuned...


Ms. Ann said...

I am so glad to hear your good news. I check your blog daily and was concerned.....but, I should have known that with your strong faith and all the prayers for you and the Lambes....that all is well!
You will be a great Mom.
Ms. Ann

Moni Graf said...

Awesome news on those little miracles' growth!

Prayers coming from the KS Graf Quads that your pregnancy and everyone's health continues to amaze people.

Can't wait to find out the genders!


~*~Megan~*~ said...

GREAT news!! Cannot wait for yall to find out boys or girls...or BOTH!!

Katie B said...

Again- I have no words-just tears and praise for our God!!

jag said...

Thank you for the post! I've been waiting! Lots of prayers for you and your Four Little Lambes.

P.S. Can't wait fo find out the genders!

Jenna (GBBB Mommy)


Great News....We're a little ahead of you guys (24 weeks)
Praying for your little ones and your family. I see you're a follower of our blog and wanted to say hi! I'm still learning as I go but feel free to ask anything....I'm really thankful for the quad mommies that are so helpful to me. Many Blessings....Kami Crisanti
email is jkgobroncos@gmail.com

I'm Sarah said...
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