Phoenix Bound!

I will start with our appointment from today. We had a really good one! All of the babies are still growing and developing as they should. Baby A & B measured 7oz and Baby C & D measured 6oz. The doctor also measured my cervix to make sure it has not shortened or started to open. It measured 4.45cm and was closed. They like it to be longer than 3cm so needless to say he was very pleased! We do have pictures from today but I will not be posting them until Friday because.........WE FOUND OUT THE SEXES! We are having a "Reveal" party Thursday night so I can't let the cat out of the bag until then! All along we have been praying for 4 healthy babies and it didn't matter what we were having. Having said that, we are both very excited about the news! Again, I am thinking we would be just as excited with any of the outcomes...so I am not giving any hints!

I guess some of you are probably wondering about the title of this post. Well, thanks to the encouragement and support of other moms of multiples...especially Jaclyn Tubre and Bethel Ann Randall....we were informed of a doctor who is very experienced with caring for quads and other high order multiples. We got in touch with Dr. Elliott in Phoenix last week and spent a good hour and a half on the phone with him. We had been praying about our prenatal care, but it wasn't until we spoke with him that our prayer had been answered. We knew, without a doubt, that we needed to be in Phoenix in order to get the best care possible for our babies. So we have decided that I will be in Phoenix with Dr. Elliott for the duration of the pregnancy and until all the babies can come home. We are so blessed that we are even able to go at all. We could not do it without the support of our parents...especially my mom, who is also picking up and moving her life to Phoenix for the next several months. How incredible a mother's love is! Nick will be back and forth as much as he can, but still will be holding down the fort here. I will miss him terribly when we are apart but we both know we have to make this short-term sacrifice so that we know that we did everything to achieve the best possible outcome. We (me, Nick, my mom & dad) will be leaving the weekend after Thanksgiving. Nick and my dad will get us settled in our new apartment and then will head back to BR sometime that next week. My first appointment with Dr. Elliott will be on Wednesday 12/3. Although I am sad to leave my home, my family, my friends, and my dogs, I am a little anxious to get there and have my sole focus be on the babies growing inside my belly. Please pray for us while we are making this transition.

On a side note, Nick and I had an exciting night last night. We went to the Tubre's new home and met Jaclyn, Torey and the cupcakes! (Check out their blog - http://tubrequads.blogspot.com/) We were there for supper time, bath time and bed time. It was amazing to see! They are so awesome and Jaclyn and Torey were so kind to open their home to us so we can get a little taste of what we are in for! I have to say...Nick and I left there more excited than ever. We laughed about how we used to sit around pre-pregnancy and talk about how bored we were...we always wanted to have a little someone to love and play with. Well, soon we will have four little someones and I think we will have many, many years of fun and exciting times! I can't wait!

Prayer requests:
-Babies continue to grow at the same rate. We are in the second trimester and are at risk of Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome.
-Move to Phoenix
-My weight gain - I need to gain at least 35 more lbs in the next 9 weeks - this is my first goal...then I have more to go!



Katie B said...

The weight gain is always tough with mulitiples- I was always hungry, but there was no room for the food:(
So excited to hear that everything is going so great. I am sitting by anxiously awaiting the big news. I am ready to get smocking- I just need to know what colors???? Praying for you like crazy as you get ready for your move-what a blessing to have the best care available.

Moni Graf said...

Congrats, Kami! You WILL get excellent care in PHX.

No fair you got to see Jac and Torey's new crib before I did! I guess that was my own fault for standing them up for the LSU/Bama game! Hope you got a good "taste" of everyday life with quads! It's fun, tiring, rewarding, exhausting and totally worth getting up for every morning!

Don't hesistate to email/call if you ever have any questions. We were in your shoes about a year ago!

Love from KS,

Karen said...

Hugs, hopes and prayers for your journey.... I am the nurse coordinator for the Texas Children's Fetal Center....I have an extreme passion for TTTS. I would be happy to answer any and all questions you have about TTTS...please feel free to email me
moise@bcm.edu wishing you the best!

Misty said...

YOu will be so glad you went to PHX! Dr. Elliot and the whole practice are wonderful! I know when people told us to go, I thought is was the most insane thing I had heard of! Now I can't imagine not going. I'm so glad you met Jac & the cupcakes.
I will keep you in my prayers!
Please feel free to email or call me. My quads are now 2. I had them at 30weeks and I;m really short!
Take care,

The Carlsons said...

welcome to phoenix!! we, too, were cared for by dr. elliot and the rest of the docs at PPA. my family and i live here in the phx area (chandler, to be specific). PPA is awesome! they are the best of the best! no doubt about it. and good samaritan hospital and phx children's hospital nicu is awesome too. the best! PPA got me to carry our quads (2 identical and 2 fraternal) until 32w3d. they are now 8.5mo and such joys!

please, let me know if you need anything or want to chat or visit with us - mariaecarlson{at}yahoo{dot}com

-fellow quad mom of GGGG and a 4yo boy


COngrat on your new family .... I'm a quad mom in mesa, arizona and i twas in the care of dr. elliott and ppa .. please let me know if you need anything when you get here . I would love to help you in anyway . I really didn't have any help during my preg and I felt very lonly and scard so if could help anyway please like me know.. mom of 4 month old bbbg and a 12 year old girl now

The Mast Family Quadlog said...

Kami, I have 3 year old GBGG quads in Phoenix (well, Mesa). I frequently visit moms in waiting. Let me know if you would like me to come and help you with anything or just visit while you are in town. There is another mom living in a RV on the hospital grounds on bedrest. She is having BBBG quads. You may make a friend or two while you are in town!



Allison said...

you don't know me, but I'm a mom of twins (hardly something to compare! lol) and I LOVE reading about you triplet and quad moms...you guys are SUPER WOMEN!!

I was on bed rest at 25 weeks with the twins, so I know how boring it can be. Keep us updated and I'll keep you and your growing family in our prayers- for the move, the new doctor, and health...and I can't wait to find out the sexes!


In Christ,

jag said...

I've been waiting for your post. I will be praying for you as you make this move and throughout your pregnancy. I'm so excited to find out what you're having. Miss Jac is wonderful. She always gave me encouraging comments while I was pregnant and it really helped. Thinking of you!


Hi Kami
This is the Phoenix Kami's Mom--Wow so you are coming, great. My Kami was just admitted to the hospital again today. 26wk appt. sent her in--she is doing ok, hope to go alot longer. I sent Jac Tubre her cell# if you would like to get it from her or you can email me. GOod luck and hope to meet you soon!!


Kami forgot to put my email--been a super long day--www.rockynicky@cox.net--Linda

Tubre Quads said...

You ROCK guys! It was so much fun to meet you the other night. I was relived that the kiddos behaved themselves (Torey included :)). Have a safe trip and hug Dr. Elliott for me when you get there. That guy is really something I tell ya!

Let me know if you need anything and have TOO much fun at the party tomorrow night.


Andria said...

What great news! I'm anxious to hear your secret of the sexes! An hour and a half on the phone with Dr. Elliot??? You are obviously making a great decision there! To dedicate that time for you is incredible. It is awesome to have a close relationship with Jac and Torey too! That's a special one!

You are a walking miracle!

chadSCHOON said...

tonight was so much fun! it is such a blessing to be included on what is currently going on with you and your babies! i am so excited for you guys! you and nic will be the coolest parents of four kids with the coolest names ever.. no doubt!

i am praying for you guys daily and i am so excited that psalm 139 is going on inside your womb right now... fearfully and wonderfully made! He has got this!

much love. chad.

waiting said...

The party was so much fun. I won't tell what the sexes are because you haven't posted yet, but I am thrilled for you and Nick. I will miss you while you are gone, but will be praying continually for you and the babies. I told your mom tonight that Lance and I may have to come visit yall in Phoenix before our babies are born!

Ashlee said...

Ok Kami! I know I'm not the only one that has been checking your page ALL DAY, waiting on the announcement!!!!! HA! It was so good to finally meet you guys last Sunday! Good luck in Phoenix!!! I'm really glad you were able to finally meet Jaclyn! She's such an amazing person and I knew she would be so informative to you guys! I can't wait to keep reading your blog to hear all of your upcoming exciting news!

Ashlee Gibson