So Little Time!

We made it to thirteen weeks...17 more to go! I can't believe we are already almost halfway to our goal of 30 weeks. I had an appointment today with my OB. I think I am already spoiled by the number of ultrasounds we get to have. I have to admit I was a little disappointed when we didn't have an ultrasound done today...I just love seeing my little ones! The appointment was fine. We did hear the heartbeats with the doppler, but mostly it was just Q&A with the doctor. I won't have another appointment next week, but I will have two on November 3rd...one with MFM and another with my OB.

Nick, my dad and my brothers went to the LSU game in South Carolina this weekend, and then they ended up going to the Saints game since they also played in South Carolina. It was a weekend full of guy talk, guy smells, and football...he would say..."that's a good weekend!" I joked with him about how those days are numbered...no more spur of the moment trips to sporting events...at least for a little while, anyway!

While he was away, I did a little nesting. It was kind of nice cleaning out the babies' room. This room has served as our catch-all room for the last few years so you can imagine the junk that was in there. I can remember over the years just opening that door and just dreaming of the day when the room would be filled with all things baby...the furniture, the toys, those sounds, that smell! Sometimes I just sit and smile, knowing my dream (x4) is finally happening.

Thank you for all your comments. Your support, encouragement and prayers mean everything to us. Our prayer has and will always be for a healthy pregnancy and 4 healthy babies and that God will be glorified through it all. Please pray with us that we make it to our goal of 30 weeks!



Hilary said...

I just wanted to delurk and say hi! I found your blog a little while ago, from another blog that I read (though I can't remember which one at the moment). I will be praying for you and your little ones throughout your pregnancy and after they are born. How blessed you must feel to finally be able to fill that room you mentioned with lots of little Lambes!

Andria said...

Lurker too! I am amazed by what goes on in a multiple pregnancy and fascinated by the answer of prayer.

Have you met the other Kami with quads? How neat is that?(http://azcrisanti.blogspot.com/)

Love your blog header and name!

Katie B said...

That room will be full before you know it. I love you Kami and I cannot wait to see how the Lord continues to bless and care for you.

Ms. Ann said...

Kami....you are amazing....you will be a wonderful mom. I think of you and the Baby Lambes often. I pray for a healthy and happy pregnancy.....Love MS. Ann

Misty said...

Congratulations on getting to 13 weeks! I am a MOM to gggg quads. I'm also an LSU grad. (the Tubre quads now have some of our LSU outfits). I went to 30weeks and have four very healthy beautiful little angels. Please feel free to email me with any questions.

I would love to add you to my blogroll if that is ok?
Take care and I will keep you and your angels in my prayers!

jag said...

Just found you through the Cochran blog. Praying you reach your goal. My quads are 6 weeks old. Can't wait to hear what you're having!

The Murray Crew said...

Hey Kami..It's Jen from 4tunate. I'm the mama to BBBB quads born at 32 weeks. Jac Tubre emailed me and alerted me of your situation. I'd LOVE to talk more and do anything I can to be a resource for you. PLEASE get in touch with me at quatro_mama@yahoo.com

Germngrl72 said...

What a beautiful blog you have! I have truly enjoyed reading it and I am looking forward to following your amazing journey in months and years to come. It was a real pleasure having met you and your husband in the Marvelous Multiples Class at Woman's. I am the expecting mom of Triplets :)

You have been in our thoughts and prayers from the moment we met you and we will continue to do so. Please keep in touch as I will try to work on my blog to keep you posted on how things are going on our end. Take care and know that you're in good hands.
Victor and Savvy