Dog Days Are Over :(

Crazy how fast this summer went by!  I can’t believe the kids will be starting their second year of school on Tuesday (okay, it’s really mother’s day out, but still).  This summer has been sprinkled with lots of changes for our household…

First, the kids learned how to swim!  They had 2 weeks of group lessons and 1 week of private lessons.  They are doing awesome!  I still put their puddle jumpers on them if I (or Nick) am not swimming with them.  So I guess I’m not quite 100% comfortable yet. 

And then, we conquered potty training!  And get this…it wasn’t HARD!?!  I guess that is what happens when you wait until they are almost 3.5 years old.  HA!  Hey, whatever works.  My sanity was worth more than the cost of diapers for a year Winking smile

Lastly, as you may have seen in my last post, the kids transitioned to big kid beds.  They are doing wonderfully.  I have to say, I was a bit nervous.  But they go down amazing…just like they did in cribs!  But for about the first week, we did have some early morning creepers…mainly Sloan.  We just had a talk about staying in our beds and so far it has worked.  But I also think the newness has worn off a bit, and they are starting to sleep a little later again.  They take a 2-3 hour nap each day and then go to bed around 8:30 sleeping until 7 or 7:30.  You better believe I thank God very often for my precious little sleepers! 

I know I haven’t been the best blogger this summer (or ever really) but I thought I would share some pics from our summer. 

Kicked it off with a week of Vacation Bible School…

IMG_1174The first day of VBS (S,R,J,M)

Swim lessons…


IMG_1391Madden & Jagger with their instructor, Ms. Lara

We went to Chuck E. Cheese’s for the very first time!

IMG_1679On the way out…all those tokens and tickets and only a four baby boxes of nerds to show for it Winking smile

And because that picture really doesn’t show their excitement of the place, here’s a short video…

We also had our own little photo shoot this summer.  I wanted to take pictures of Jagger with a skateboard for his big boy room, but when I got him dressed for his shots, the other three wanted to be a part as well.

Here are some of my favorites of Jagger…



IMG_1786SO Jagger!!!

Madden wanted pictures with a beach ball…

IMG_1801Love that smile!

Roc wanted a picture with my Brother’s dog, Hank…

IMG_1824In Rocco’s words, “Hank’s a sweet dog.”

Sloan wanted her rain boots and an umbrella (and she sort of dressed herself)…

IMG_1842Cute, but let me tell ya, girl turned on the sass for these shots…

IMG_1847uh huh.


Oh…this is one of the cutest things they started this summer.  I ask, “how much do you love me?” and I always get…

IMG_1778Jagger – “thiiiiiiiss much.”

IMG_1804Madden – “thiiiiiiiiiss much.”

IMG_1854Rocco – “thiiiiiiss much.”

Except for Sloan – “this much.” (with a high pitch voice and her best attempt of an evil laugh…little turd!)

What next?  Ummm…just the Gerwer quads coming to stay the night!!  These Texas cuties (along with their fabulous mom and dad, Rob and Casey) were just driving home from Destin and stayed with us to break up the long drive. 

photo (2)SO much fun!
(Trey, Brady, Reid, Rocco, Jagger, Sloan, Cameron, and Madden)

pine mtn 175Two divas!
Sloan and Cameron shared that instant girlie connection – loved it!!!

And I even got some quad mom lovin’, because Jac and Sandra (and their hubbies) came to hang out with us too!

photo (3)
LOVE these girls!
(Jac, Casey, me and Sandra)

Next up…circus!  Nick and I took the kids to the circus when it came to town a few weeks ago. 

Family breakfast at IHOP…another first!

Me and my dogs

IMG_1917The elephant show – my favorite part!

Along with our Lambe family vacation and surprising the kids with new rooms, these were several of the highlights from our summer.  But our dog days…how did we spend those?  We did some…

early morning play-dohing…

fondue eating…

impromptu sack racing…

rock climbing…


ship sailing…


a little relaxing…


IMG_2197castle playing…

TV watching…

and some mess making!

As much fun as we had this summer, I’m ready for school!  The kids have so much fun and the structure is good for them too, especially after this crazy week with Hurricane Isaac. 

Our last hurricane was four years ago when the kids were just beans in my belly(actually we didn’t even know about two of them yet.)  Thank the Lord we faired very well…didn’t even lose power, but I know many others can’t say the same.  Our prayers are with those families. 

IMG_2203Isaac from our front porch

IMG_2211Good Riddance Isaac!

Hope y’all have a safe and enjoyable Labor Day weekend!

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theKernsBR said...

Lara was David's swim teacher too! Love your blogs, girl!

Renee said...

Your pool is beautiful. Hurricane Isaac was a huge pain. I too kept power thru it all but my in laws are still fighting water today. So sad. Glad you all made it thru just fine.

Capri + 3--Theresa said...

It looks like you had an amazing summer. I love all the fun photos. That is so great that you know another family with quads and you can all hang out together...fun for the kids and the adults. That is exciting that the kids had swim lessons (and mastered the potty and got amazing new rooms!)

: 0 ) Theresa

Unknown said...

Hi, Kami. It is grandmother Sandy. Have you quit blogging, or do I not know where to find the quads these days. I haven't heard from them in over a year now, and I sure would like to see how big they are and what they are up to.