A little Christmas fun

Our days are filled with all kinds of moments.  We have chaotic ones, busy ones, loud ones,  silly ones, fun ones, tired ones, fussy ones, and messy ones just to name a few.  So I’ve learned that planned activities or crafts (especially when they are contained at the table :)) can be a great way to keep very busy toddlers very busy.  This idea came from my Quad momma sistas – thanks ladies!

Step 1: Give kids a few sheets of tissue paper and let them go at it!  This was probably the most fun part of the craft.  They LOVED it!!!

IMG_7629This craft making business is serious stuff.


IMG_7661 IMG_7674

IMG_7680 The tissue paper was also fun to throw!

IMG_7682 IMG_7683

Step 2: Let the kids put their torn pieces of tissue paper on clear contact paper. 




Steps 3, 4, & 5 (for momma): Cover artwork with contact paper, cut into a fun Christmas shape, cut a hole in top and add a string. Voila!  A cute Christmas ornament!

IMG_7745 “Look Ma – a snowman!”

IMG_7747 Jagger and his star ornament

IMG_7750Madden – so proud of his candy cane!

Step 6: Let the kids hang their ornaments on the tree.





The four masterpieces:December2010

Hope you have a great weekend!  We have a special family night planned…can’t wait to share!



waiting said...

Love this idea! You are amazing! I love how GG's chairs are behind their table. If you look at it in the right angle, it looks like they are sitting in GG's pretty chairs! I called Kemper to bring me another poinsettia, but she was going to a bday party:(

King Quads said...

Soooo sweet, those little Lambes. I love your cute little kids faces and they sure did look like they were having some serious fun. Love that you hung them on the tree - great idea.