Lights, “Ho-Ho” and More Pictures

Last Saturday night, we had a family date night.  We took the kids to a small Christmas light show in Port Allen, LA.  It was nice.  The kids didn’t “ooohhh” and “aaahhhh”  over the lights (like I wanted them too!), but I think they enjoyed them.

IMG_7786  IMG_7771 IMG_7773


After we looked at all the lights, we went inside for a visit with Santa and Mrs. Claus.  The kids were totally cool with Santa while they were in their stroller, but when we started taking them out of the stroller to get a closer look is when the hysterics ensued…at least for Sloan and Madden.  If you recall, Sloan and Madden were the two that I was holding for a picture with the mall Santa.  This night they got their turn in Santa’s lap… 

IMG_7791 LOL – This is more like it!

IMG_7792 Too many funny things about this picture (including the bird on Mrs. Claus’s head)

IMG_7793 Jagger – not a care in the world!

IMG_7794 Santa: “Seriously lady, come get your crazy kids.”

IMG_7795 Me: “Okay…just one more!” (such a mean momma – LOL)

Memories were created - that’s for certain!

I also wanted to share some of our outtakes from our recent photo shoot and the winning photo that made our Christmas card this year.  Remember – the smiling was an issue that day (and everyday when it comes to group photos!). Thanks to Chad Keith for all the great photos!



QC10-0006 QC10-0013






QC10-0057  This one actually made the back of our card

Christmas editA very close second

And the winner is…

christmas Merry Christmas from our family to yours!


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katrice said...

They are so precious!!! Love all the photos. Ya'll are a very lucky family. Merry Christmas!