Here comes Santa Claus…or not.

Today was the day of the annual Christmas parade put on by our local fire department.  There would be Santa “ho-ho-ho-ing” on top of the fire truck, loud sirens, candy and happy kids all around.  As far as I know, there was not a schedule…I guess just listen for the sirens and be ready was the idea!  When we heard the sirens way off in the distance, we decided we would take the golf carts and have our own little hunt for Santa. 

IMG_7550Golf Cart #1:  Griffin, Big Pop, Nate, baby Gavin, G.G. and Sloan

IMG_7555Nate and Griff

 IMG_7553 Golf Cart #2:  Aunt Sissy, Madden, Rylee, Uncle Travis and
Hank(the dog)

IMG_7556 Golf Cart #3: Me, Rocco, Daddy & Jagger

IMG_7562 Jagger & Daddy on the lookout

We didn’t have any luck on our hunt.  We followed the sirens and then we just didn’t hear them anymore.  We knew they would come to our street sooner or later so we went back to the compound. 

While waiting for Santa, we rough-housed in the front yard…IMG_7565


even the big boys got in on the action…IMG_7596

we played with sticks…IMG_7587 
we found new play areas(a.k.a. Aunt KeKe’s front door step)…IMG_7600

we played in the grass…IMG_7577


someone got tired of waiting…IMG_7586

we played with Hank…IMG_7594

we entertained ourselves…IMG_7603

we played with daddy… IMG_7620

we waited…IMG_7610

and waited…IMG_7613

It was time for a nap and then it rained…IMG_7623

And he never came.

Somehow I don’t think the kids minded that he never showed THIS year….but next year Santa – you better COME ;)



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waiting said...

Santa had a whole lotta nerve not showing up! That was a nasty day, wasn't it?