Follow the Yellow Brick Road…

It leads to lots of sugar and candy!  So yeah…I decided to go with the ol’ tried and true characters from Wizard of Oz this year for the kids’ Halloween costumes.  I know, it’s been done many times over but I just couldn’t seem to shake the thought of the regret I would have for NOT doing it!  It such a classic and of course I believe we have the perfect cast!


IMG_1312Sloan as Dorothy Gale

Jagger as the Scarecrow

Madden as the Tin Woodman

Rocco as the Cowardly Lion

How perfect?!?

They looked SO cute…I couldn’t get over it and I couldn’t decide who’s costume was the cutest!!!  I kept changing my mind the whole night :)

IMG_1328Daddy and his trick-or-treaters

the good witch Winking smile

IMG_1337Interrupting trick-or-treating for a photo opp doesn’t produce big smiles from 2 year olds!

Hope everyone had a fun and safe Halloween!

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Angie said...

Love the costumes! I wouldnt be able to choose which one is cuter either!

AbbyS. said...

oh my goodness!!!! i just love this so much. Good job momma!

Pat Reed said...

Kami, the quads looked precious! I couldn't choose one costume over the others either. I need to come see you all before the end of the year and see your new place not to mention the growing kids! Pat Reed

Ann said...

what a lovely costumes! I watch the Wizard the OZ musical at London...it is so nice. they make me miss those play :).