Icey Cream, Icey Cream!

So tonight I had the great idea to bring the kids to get an after dinner ice cream.  Well, really frozen yogurt, but they didn’t know.  I just noticed this cute little shop right around the corner from our house this week and I thought the kids would love it.  It’s was a first…not ice cream, but the going out for ice cream. 

Oh the choices!  I did choose the strawberry banana yogurt for each but they got to choose their own toppings…
Sloan – rainbow sprinkles
Roc, Mad & Jag (all the same – go figure!) – rainbow sprinkled chocolate chips

(LtoR: J,R,M & S)


IMG_0979Rocco.  And I love seeing Jagger just digging right in with his hand.  LOL!
(by the way, it’s a self serve shop and everyone gets the same size cup – they are only about 1/4 full for our little guys…after all, this WAS just an hour or so before bedtime!)

IMG_0990Madman, my silly nut!


It was a great outing and a great family night.  I didn’t even realize until putting this post together exactly HOW normal of a night it was for us.  You see, I often tell Nick…”let’s go do something normal.”  But even when we try to do something “normal” like go to dinner with the kids, it’s just not normal.  Normal to us, sure, but not by others’ standards so we get tons of questions, comments, and stares.  In no way am I easily offended or put off by those types of things AND I do love to see the joy my kids bring to others, but it is a constant reminder of how not normal we are.  SO it just dawned on me, tonight was pretty normal!  It really was.  There was no one else in the shop except the sweet girl working.  She was nice, she didn’t ask ONE question and she didn’t stare.  Just a Friday night eating ice cream yogurt with my family.  Very nice. 

Hope you have a nice and normal weekend Winking smile

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waiting said...

So cute! I need to take W and R there! Great post. I love Sloan's face in the first pic!

Angie said...

I can't wait to be able to take our family out, you give us hope, cuz we are so far from "normal" right now. Looking fwd to reading more.

AbbyS. said...

super cute!! Your kiddos make me smile.